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While KenshiThe open world can feel like an inhospitable place, and there are some strategies that can make it less intimidating. One of the best ways to do this is through the game’s recruitment dynamic. Instead of facing hostile gangs of NPCs and aggressive creatures alone, players can grow their crew as they play the game.

Much like finding a good place to take shelter KenshiThis important part of the game can be a challenge to master. Especially with the long list of competing factions to track in this universe. For those players who are looking forward to Recruit the characters in Kenshi-This guide is here to help.

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How to recruit characters in Kenshi?

There are two main methods that players can use to recruit characters Kenshi: Find them in bars and talk to the lost. The first option can be a little more expensive, especially for players who haven’t been able to make a lot of cats yet, and the in-game currency in Kenshi. However, it is a fairly reliable option to get a character with some decent skills.

Players are likely to find at least one person for hire in one of the many bars across them Kenshithe world. For example, in the Hub, players can find a small group of characters that they can hire for them 6000 cats.

However, the drifters are hard to find as they roam the lands in the game. Unfortunately, these characters usually don’t have great stats, and sometimes they don’t even talk to the player to be assigned.

Apart from these characters, Players also have the chance to recruit non-playable characters to rid themselves of cannibals and carpenter slaves. So do those who buy them from slave traders. Either way, adding to the player’s collection is important because it makes recovery easier Kenshi It improves the player’s chance of survival.

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How do mercenaries work in Kenshi?

Mercenaries are a type of recruit that can be employed temporarily. While the characters players encounter and hire in bars don’t usually come with great stats or equipment, mercenaries are quite the opposite. Usually a group charges 2000 cats a dayAnd they deserve this price because of their capabilities.

Mercenaries can be found in taverns and mercenary camps and roam around KenshiOpen world challenge. It’s a great option for those who are looking for some temporary relief from aggressive bandits and squads that can do serious damage to the player’s character. However, three days of work is likely to cost as much as a much longer partnership with one traditional recruit.

Kenshi Available on PC.

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