The best characters in the franchise, ranked

Best Gundam Protagonists

When anyone hears the term mecha, the term image a Gundam It will almost always come to mind. After all, the signature design and color scheme of any major Gundam He is creative not only in Japanese comics A spectacle but probably in the entire popular culture. Due to its immense popularity, there is no doubt that the series has spawned an entire franchise since then mobile suit gundam It was first shown in 1979. Related Topics: troop shounen anime that will never get old With over 30 anime and…

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Transforming weight loss to Zaid Al-Hakimi with pictures

Tunisian TLC member Ziad Hakimi has become a crowd favorite after debuting in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 3 with his wife Rebecca Parrott. Tunisian 90 days fiance Superstar Ziad Hakimi went through one of the most satisfying weight loss journeys in the series during his relationship with Rebecca Barrott. Ziad was 26 and Rebecca was 46 when the couple met on Facebook. Before traveling to Tunisia to meet Zed, Rebecca showed him only her filtered photos. But lucky Zedd didn’t mind Rebecca’s use of filters as…

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Release date, trailer, and everything we know so far


After waiting for three years, the highly anticipated third season Orville Approaching. This comedy and sci-fi drama found its home on Hulu after its first two seasons aired on Fox. The show revolves around Captain Ed Mercer.Seth MacFarlane), whose life takes a turn after the dissolution of his marriage. Eventually, Mercer finds himself in a position to accept the task of driving the Orville, mid-level expedition spacecraft. As he adjusts to the pressures of leadership and learns to work with his crew, including his now ex-wife and first teammate, Captain…

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Harry Kane showcases football skills with American chat show host Jimmy Fallon

England captain Harry Kane demonstrated his football skills in a table football match against American chat show host Jimmy Fallon. The Tottenham captain won 2-0 in tonight’s game and spoke about England’s prospects ahead of the World Cup. 4 Harry Kane showed his soccer skills in a soccer match against American chat show host Jimmy Falloncredit: Eroteme Harry said: “We have a really good team, really great players, a really good coach. “We’ve been building really well for this World Cup and I’m really looking forward to it.” The striker…

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PS Plus survey claims that most users are “satisfied” with the service

ps plus survey

According to a recent Sony survey, the majority of PS Plus subscribers are “satisfied” with the service. newly, PS Plus Premium It launched in Asia and came under fire almost immediately, as it turned out that upgrading to PS Plus Premium increased the cost for those who originally bought it at a discount. Sony was quick to fix this, however, citing it as a bug and offering credit to those affected. Since PS Plus Premium is new, it is understandable that there will be some bugs, but overall, the reaction…

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Favorite couples who ended up in a tragic divorce

MAFS is popular with fans, but it boasts a low success rate. Here are some of MAFS’ fan-favorite couples who tragically broke up after the show. There are many Married at first sight The couples who, despite rising as fan favorites on the show, unfortunately went on to divorce. Relationship experts appeared on mavs They have arranged dozens of marriages since 2014, but only a lucky few continue to prosper in 2022. Although the overall success rate is low – with some divorces between the spouses in some seasons –mavs…

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The latest Emerald Vinyl Saltburn movie has been acquired by Amazon


Amazon has thrown its hat in the ring, and it’s in its final dealings to buy the prestige Saltburn Package in Cannes, reports Limit. Not much is known about the film at this point besides its impressive cast, and it’s an obsessive tale of an aristocratic English family. writer, grandmother and director, Emerald Vinyl It’s a triple threat, all signs point to Saltburn Being an intrigue and a success. In final negotiations for Fennel’s rights SaltburnAmazon will be in a global rights deal with it Take out the knives MRC…

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The NRA conference in Houston was met with a fiery protest co-organized by Black Lives Matter

Houston’s 90-degree weather couldn’t stop crowds of people from protesting outside the 151st annual convention of the National Rifle Association on Friday, just days after the Ovaldi, Texas, school shooting killed at least 19 children and teachers . The hours-long protest — organized by Black Lives Matter Houston, Fiel Houston, Indivisible Houston and the Harris County Democratic Party — was organized across the street from the George R. Convention Center with the shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. Mass shootings have also occurred at a Buffalo supermarket in a…

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Zoro’s ways to kill Kaido didn’t make sense

One Piece Zoro Kills Kaido

One piece Roronoa Zoro is one of the most powerful members of the Straw Hat Pirates, second only to Captain Monkey D. Luffy. In the Wano Country arc, Zorro ended up playing a very important role and, as always, he took on a huge responsibility when it came to fighting opposing forces. Related: One Piece: Nico Robin’s Devil Fruit Explained Amidst all the chaos inside One piece The idea of ​​Wano, a very popular idea surrounding Zoro killing Kaido, was widely popular until the war recently ended. While the idea…

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The Star Wars Prequels Redemption story is now complete

Participants in the Star Wars celebration showed a tremendous amount of support for the pre-sale era, making the redemption story for the trilogy complete. In Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022, it is clear that star Wars The redemption story for the previous trilogy is now complete. Released from 1999 to 2005, the films were among the most anticipated films of all time, but were initially subjected to mixed responses. Although the prequel films were box office successes, they were not as critically acclaimed as the original trilogy, and many viewers…

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