The Boys Season 3: Is Homelander a Nazi?

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A big question is asked on the Amazon streaming channel boys season 3 is it or not A citizen is a Nazi. After all, he was dating an ex-Nazi party member who wanted him to lead an army of Aryan superheroes and take over the world. Although he didn’t necessarily encourage Stormfront’s rhetoric (other than what he was praising), he didn’t shut it down either. So what’s the deal?

Is Homelander a white supremacist or a Nazi in The Boys?

Homelander is not a Nazi in The Boys. We do not see him as part of any neo-Nazi movement, nor does he show any inclination towards any particular doctrine of National Socialism. It shows tendencies toward fascism, but this is more likely a display of paranoia than political inclinations.

Despite his romance with Stormfront, he’s also not a white supremacist. He is patriotic. He didn’t stop Stormfront from giving her speech because it fueled her adoration for him, and that’s what he craves. At the same time he thinks he is better than any other human being but he also needs a constant stream of affection.

However, Homelander would almost certainly side with the Nazis or white supremacists if it suited his purposes. The only person he cared about was himself, and despite being the strongest human alive physically, his true desire was to control people’s minds and hearts. If he believed that being a Nazi would help this goal more than hinder it, he would probably do so in a heartbeat.

While Homelander likes to think he can do anything he wants, he’s under an increasingly short streak, and his interests will continue to align with Voight International for the foreseeable future. However, suppose Homelander continues to embarrass the company. In that case, he might find himself out on his own for the first time in his life. If that happens, there is no telling what movements he might be involved in.

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