France bans English game words including ‘Esports’ and ‘Streamer’

As part of a campaign to preserve the French language, French officials have issued a ban on various words related to esports and professional games.

French officials earlier this week passed a law banning the use of certain modern English words and terms related to video games and esports. This decision was made amid the growing popularity of live streaming and competitive gaming, something which is well illustrated by notable moves such as Snoop Dogg joining FaZe Clan.

While video game content and related events have grown in popularity over the past few years, things like esports competitions and live broadcasts are not without their limitations. Twitch was notorious for suppressing the infamous surge of hot tub streams, with streamers carefully walking the platform’s content guideline. When it comes to the competitive field, there are general rules against using specific language, such as threats, along with clear restrictions about cheating during matches. Violating the rules of any competitive or streaming platform often leads to a long or permanent ban. Of course, streaming companies are also restricted by their local government laws, with China recently banned elden ring on broadcast platforms.

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The French government has also decided to increase its participation in the world of high-level gaming by banning certain terms and words, a recent article from Watchman. In order to preserve the French language against the so-called “.decay“By English influence, French officials are now requesting official government documents from the Ministry of Culture and other authorities to replace terms such as”pro player” with “professionnel. “conditions like”streamer” And the “esportsIt should also be replaced withjoueur-animateur en direct” And the “jeu video de competition, Straight. The ministry indicated that the primary objective of this batch is to improve general communication among the French population, as there are many who may not be familiar with terms related to English games.

Restrictions on game companies are nothing new, with players often banned from games like brave For violating the terms of service or contributing to a toxic atmosphere, but government involvement may be something players are less familiar with. Understandably, this decision by the French Ministry of Culture could be seen as a negative one towards the esports industry, which could upset those involved in competitive gaming, especially in France. On the other hand, making the language as clear as possible in French is beneficial to some residents who are unfamiliar with English or esports terminology, so it can help broaden the demographics for those who understand the still thriving competitive gaming scene.

This move by the French government is a bit unusual, but it is important to reiterate that this will not affect players directly, and will only apply to the drafting of internal government documents. Because of this restriction of the ban, it will be interesting to see how broad its impact will eventually be esports and other areas of online gaming.

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source: WatchmanAnd the TheGuardian / Twitter

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