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Various characters from three mods for Kenshi

Among all the great sandbox games out there, Kenshi He fulfills the dream of unbridled exploration and freedom better than others. It is up to the player as to what kind of character they will be in the post-apocalyptic desert: merchant, bandit, merchant, survivor, slayer, assassin, bounty hunter, warlord, or something else entirely. The only real limit to what a player can become is their imagination, assuming the desert doesn’t kill them first.

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As deep as it is, though, vanilla Kenshi It can still be improved, and this is where the modifications come in. Whether it’s delivering small but vital quality-of-life improvements, restructuring important mechanics, or overhauling the way NPCs and factions are handled, the best Kenshi The mods bring the game closer to being the perfect post-apocalyptic sandbox role-playing game. Here are some mods that no player should do without.

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8 Dark user interface

The first paradigm that deserves serious attention doesn’t magically renew the world, radically alter factions, or make all-out war the order of the day. Dark user interface modification It introduces a small, but very significant quality of life change, and addresses a common complaint: the default user interface is too bright.

Making things clearer and easier for the player to navigate is a small but crucial change, It’s something that most players will immediately feel grateful for. Even if mods aren’t usually from players, it’s hard to argue with something that makes the basic gameplay experience a little less painful and more welcoming, even if you don’t give the player a home full of robotic turrets.

7 convoy faction

Given the post-apocalyptic desert environment, caravans between towns and outposts make a lot of sense, providing supplies and other aid to isolated communities. Ministry of Defense convoy platoon It expands on the basic game premise of wandering merchants by making faction-specific caravans.

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They do more than just pass on the good between communities, however: They make the world deeper by building on the knowledge and personalities found in the factions. In short, the caravans behave reasonably according to their personal quirks. The Trader’s Guild brings supplies to trade. Discriminates sacred nations against non-humans. Every interaction deepens a world Kenshi This is much more than that.

6 peeler machine

Exactly how useful the peeling machine is will depend on how willing the player is to inconvenience. If the answer is “very” peeler machine mod It can become an indispensable part of the player’s game. By feeding corpses into the device, the player can remove and reuse their severed limbs.

Total? definitely. But this annoying process allows the player to mix and match the body parts of their characters. More importantly, it allows the replacement of severed limbs, which is unfortunately common in this brutal desert world where healing is sometimes not enough. Although mechanical replacements can already be purchased from the stores in the base game, the peeling machine allows for more reliable alternatives.

5 In-game Biome map

Map is available at Kenshi The base game is mostly good: it’s fairly large and detailed and does at least a good job of pointing out major cities and helping the player navigate. However, there is one major feature that the virtual map lacks: a detailed analysis of the various biomes in the world. This is the place In-game dynamic map modification Could be handy.

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By applying different colors to each biome in order to differentiate them, The biome map clearly indicates which areas are better than others when it’s time to travel. This feature is even more important when it comes time to build their own base, enabling the player to find a construction site that provides the resources they need to create a thriving community that can withstand the harsh game conditions.

4 Interesting recruits

It is entirely possible to play the game alone, never bringing any other team members on board and choosing instead to take on the dangers and challenges of the desert alone. Wanderer Beginning starts the game this way, after all, and some players prefer it.

However, most of them will eventually want a companion or two by their side, and Recruits are the best way to round out the list. Unfortunately, most of the vanilla game recruits are rather bland, bringing little or nothing original to the table. Interesting Recruits Mod It helps remedy this by adding over twenty unique recruits, each with their own compelling backstory and dialogue.

3 Populated cities

How many people can one expect to see walking around a Mad Max-Post-apocalyptic desert world style? Not much. However, even by this standard, vanilla Kenshi It can feel a little bare at times, as the cities and malls feel very desolate. The inhabited city modification creates a better balance of habitation, But it also offers several other notable changes.

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One of the biggest changes that Modify populated cities It brings with it the addition of NPC tables, making the world feel deeper and more real by giving its characters something to actually do. With this mode, characters will also make their way to the player’s shop to purchase from, breathing new life into an untapped mechanic.

2 256 recruitment and squad

An important part of gaining strength and self-sufficiency in Kenshi You assign new companions so that one gets extra help, whether it’s mining, farming, or fighting for life. in vanilla Kenshi, The number of characters in a player’s lineup is limited to 30 characters. The 256 Recruit and Squad amendment raises the hiring cap to exactly that amount And increases team limits from five to 30.

While this drastic increase may seem like an exaggeration, it doesn’t break the game in the way one might expect. In fact, only by using System 256 Recruit and Squad Can the player see certain play styles come true, whether it is building an army, creating a mining colony or starting his own city.

1 interactive world

to say so Interactive world mode makes the world Kenshi More reactive is true, but what does that actually look like in reality? Tribes of cannibals vie for power, fighting to the death until only one tribe remains to dominate Ash. Beehives descend upon the world in a frenzied horde to retrieve the kidnapped queen. The dust bandits wage a civil war to determine their new king if the old one is killed.

Makes the world interactive style Kenshi more responsive to what the player does or does not do, Adding more immersion and choice to a game already full of both. Due to the unpredictability and replay value that this mode offers, it stands tall among the best mods Kenshi.

Kenshi Available on PC.

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