Gillian knew early on that she wouldn’t be leaving with Tommy

Gillian Lieberman admitted that she knew early on in her Seduction Island experience that she was not going to leave the show with Tommy Soltis.

Gillian Lieberman had an affair with Tommy Soltis on temptation island But she knew early on in the show that she wasn’t going to leave the island with him. Gillian appeared on the show with her boyfriend Edgar in hopes of strengthening their relationship. The cast member had a lot of trust issues because Edgar cheated on her for one year in their relationship, and she found it hard to forgive him. Unfortunately, during the final season finale last week, it became clear that their initial hopes had not come to fruition as Gillian and Edgar reunited at the Last Fire and chose to leave temptation island without each other.

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Both initially agreed to leave on their own, but when host Mark L. Wahlberg directed Marisa Rodriguez, whom Edgar hooked up while he was away from Gillian, the two chose to leave together. Edgar and Gillian seemed doomed from the start, but the final nail in the coffin came when Edgar slept with Marisa, and Gillian had to watch what happens at the fire. The cast member was devastated and felt that her boyfriend had crossed a line and broke the rules they set, which was that neither of them could do anything other than kiss someone else.

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Fortunately, Jillian had a great time at temptation island house with Tommy, but she admits that she never planned to leave with him. Jillian gave the inside scoop to her experience on the show on Reality Steve Podcast. The podcast host explained that a lot of fans were expecting her to leave with Tommy because they got so close in their time on the show. However, Jillian admitted that by the second or third date, she and Tommy knew things weren’t going to work out for each other.

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I think if life was real, Tommy and I wouldn’t go on more than one or two dates,While the confession was shocking, the fellow cast explained that there were only four girls for Tommy to choose from, and 12 girls to choose from, and of all, they had the most chemistry. She also took part in those romantic dates set in front of Hawaiian wallpaper makes it hard not to feel the butterflies.”It’s really easy to fall into a fantasy,Jillian admitted. The 22-year-old also shared that she never planned to leave with someone she met at home out of respect for Edgar.

While things may not have worked out in the end for Gillian and Tommy, the experience definitely helped her learn more about herself and understand what she wants in a partner. It might have looked like a match made in Hawaiian heaven, but it likely was just the creative work of the producers and editors. Fortunately, the two are still on good terms and don’t have harsh feelings for each other. If anything, at least they got a friendship from temptation island expertise.

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source: Reality Steve Podcast

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