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Griffith from Berserk

Rambunctious is a series full of borders with some of the most famous characters in manga history. This is to be expected, given the fact that this manga is considered by many to be one of the most famous and influential works of fiction ever. It’s easy to see why Kentaro Miura is considered by many to be a legendary mangaka, and his presence in the industry will be sorely missed.

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One of the characters in Rambunctious Who started as a noble hero before turning into a vile and hated villain is Griffith, also known as Femto. This powerful human turned into a messenger to regain his power at the expense of the entire Hawk squad and is the central villain in the series. Here are some things that most people don’t know about this infamous character.

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5 Miura’s friendship with Koji Mori inspired the bond between Courage and Griffith

Most of the main members of Band of the Hawk were inspired by friends Miura had in high school. The exceptions to this were Guts, Casca, and Griffith. Since Miura did not have a girl in his friend group, he made the character Casca from scratch. However, when it comes to the relationship dynamics between Guts and Griffith, Miura decides to draw from a bond he’s been sharing with another close friend in real life.

Miura was a close friend of another mangaka named Koji Mori. According to Miura himself, he considered a friend to be one of the closest bonds that a person can have. Therefore, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanger from a friend was so strong that he decided to use these feelings to formulate the main conflict of the story between Guts and Griffith. It turns out to be a great source of inspiration, as the rivalry between these two characters has been one of the most iconic dynamics in the history of animation.

4 Griffith’s appearance is similar to a girl from the initial version of Berserk

Before Rambunctious Developed and officially released, Miura has already released another version of this manga called Berserk: Prototype. There were many changes from the final product that can be seen from the Guts character design alone. For starters, this character had an eye track, with the sacrifice mark on his chest instead of the neck.

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One thing to note is that Griffith is completely absent from this story. Instead, Guts rescues a girl named Frikka who looks very similar to Griffith. This character isn’t part of the canon, but it’s very likely that Miura will use her design to create the Griffith character instead.

3 Griffith wasn’t planned to be a villain until the third volume

Given how Griffith was portrayed in the early volumes of the manga, it’s surprising that this character would become the central antagonist of Rambunctious. After all, he was very likable and even had a childlike innocence that made him a very likable character. This, along with the bond he shared with the rest of Hawk’s squad, made it clear that he’d be on the good side… only for later chapters to send that idea down to Earth.

It seemed that even Miura himself wasn’t planning on making Griffith a villain at all. He stated that this idea became a reality when he began writing the third volume, as Griffith begins to show a dark side to his character. It’s not uncommon for some manga to make the story the way it is, and props must be given to Miura to masterfully integrate this development into the story.

2 The reason for his attachment to courage is important

Given Griffith’s immense beauty and sheer charm, it was obvious why so many people revered this character as a deity. He has earned Band of the Hawk’s unwavering loyalty through his actions and being alone, with just about everyone in the group smitten with the character.

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However, Guts was the only person who treated Griffith as a normal person even after he joined the Band of the Hawk. It was something different for Griffith, and one of the main reasons he was so close to Guts compared to the other members of the mercenary group, including someone like Casca who constantly tried to get his approval time and time again.

1 The torture on his face was first depicted in the movie’s artwork

After Guts left Band of the Hawk to be equal to Griffith, the leader really veered off the deep end. He slept with the princess of a powerful king and then was captured and thrown into prison. After that, he was tortured for a year in the worst possible way, not showing the extent of the damage to his face.

In fact, the first time Griffith’s tormented face appeared from a piece of art from Rambunctious Movies. The skin around his eyes and part of his left cheek was torn, a scene so horrific that even a blood manga loves it Rambunctious It did not appear correctly.

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