Top 10 LGBTQ+ Horror Movies

The movies Raw, Knife + Heart, Interview With The Vampire, and She Creature.

The LGBTQ+ community has always been an important part of horror movies. Despite the genre’s constant need for queer villains and satisfying male gazes with eroticism, independent horror has made it easy to lend queer voices in a studio-heavy world. Horror masters like Cliff ParkerAnd the Don ManciniAnd the Stuart Thorndikehas facilitated LGBTQ+ voices for years in an environment where grotesqueness emerges as subtext rather than normal.

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It’s incredibly refreshing to see true bizarre stories shed light on their relationships, emotions, and struggles, just like any other characters in horror movies. This genre should continue to provide space for diverse voices to bring their style and stories to life.

raw (2016)

raw It is a French horror film so strangely intense that it drew audiences to it TIFF Vomiting and fainting. Extreme horror movie Mixes cannibalism with exoticism and follows a vegetarian, Justin, as she suffers horrific consequences after satisfying her craving for raw meat during her first week at vet school.

Julia Docornau The debut feature is hypnotic and unforgettable, filled with female empowerment and a gay character who plays a major role in the film. Justin’s roommate becomes the target of her cannibalism as they both try to come to terms with their mysterious sex lives. Painful, disgusting, and wonderful, raw It is one of the most bizarre horror films of recent years.

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she is a creature (2001)

she is a creature It debuted as a made-for-TV movie for Cinemax in 2001. The horror genre is sorely lacking in mermaid monsters, but this funky movie filled that space with beautiful gothic and gay-romantic combinations of psychological horror.

Carla Gugino She plays Lily, the wife of a carnival worker who works as a mermaid side-show actor. One day, she and her husband meet an old sailor who owns a real mermaid. They stole her and boarded a ship to America, where they soon realized that the mermaid is not as docile as it seems. The men begin to disappear on the ship, and Lily begins to fall in love with the mermaid who possesses and gives her fertility. The film ends with Lily raising her daughter, her eyes the eyes of a mermaid.

crack (2017)

Icelandic gay horror movie, crack, caused an uproar upon his release for his portrayal of the emotional LGBTQ+ movie in the horror genre. The film follows two men isolated in a cabin, their fractured relationship haunted by a supernatural entity who is awakened by their grief.

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It has been praised for its gay protagonists, who aren’t often seen in genre films, and how the film focuses entirely on the relationship of the two former lovers, rather than disguised serial killers or terrifying monsters. It’s not a horror movie full of dread or jump scares, but it’s goosebumps to the bone with its depiction of the ghostly and bleak decline of a relationship.

Interview with the vampire (1994)

Many horror movies Based on the classic works of Gothic fictionbut no one does that either Interview with the vampire And its secret attraction. While the ’90s were still stuck in a subtext and blurred lines of sexuality, Interview with the vampire He did a good job portraying men who clearly love each other.

through the film, Tom Cruise Listat and Brad Pitt Lewis became an intriguing type of couple and even raised a young vampire to be their daughter. Many of the scenes include a gay subtext, with plenty of blood and vampire lust. In fact, it’s almost hard to think of this movie as anything other than weird.

Lyle (2014)

Stuart Thorndike Lyle It is the antithesis of horror in Hollywood. The two main characters in the movie, Leah and June, are lesbians and the movie is not about explaining their estrangement or awakening either of them to their sexuality.

Thorndike herself is a whimsical writer and director, and she puts the characters’ stories and dialogue to perfection. The protagonists confront daily life struggles like stalking, ghosts, and the death of a young child, and the film makes it beautifully natural, as it should be. Besides the wonderfully told story, every take in the movie is stunning and ensures that Thorndike is a director to watch.

hunger (1983)

hunger stars Catherine Deneuve And the David Bowie, one of the most famous men of the ’70s and ’80s, as lovers of vampires, John and Miriam. When Jon suddenly dies, Miriam searches for a new companion in the path of a woman named Sarah, who falls under the spell of Miriam’s vampire quite easily.

hunger It’s home to all the ’80s-era surplus with goth clubs, super makeup, shoulder pads, and some of the best sexually charged lesbian scenes in cinema. Susan Sarandon And Deneuve create incredible softcore chemistry as they deal with vampire struggles.

Jennifer’s body (2009)

After decades of bizarre horror in horror, Jennifer’s body I was Louder and prouder than anything mainstream audiences have seen in years. It was panned by most critics upon its release, but the film has become one of the horror classics. Younger generations have embraced the adorable and sadistic nature of Jennifer and Niddy’s parasitic relationship.

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The film begins with “Hell a Teenage Girl” and goes on to represent the addictive quality of teen relationships and blurs the lines between friendship and romantic love. movie writer, Diablo CodyShe said she always thought so Nada was in love with JenniferAnd this is shown in how the two characters interact with each other brilliantly and tenderly. Jennifer’s body It certainly paved the way for the awakening of many gay youths.

knife + heart (2018)

knife + heart It is an eccentric love letter to the blood-soaked Giallo films of the ’70s and ’80s. Set in the late 1970s, it follows Anne, a gay porn producer, and her trusted friend, Archibald, as Anne tries to win back her lesbian lover by filming an ambitious new movie. One of her representatives is murdered, which prompts Anne to conduct a strange investigation.

The film is known for its tribute to Italian Giallo films with harsh red lighting and nightclubs teeming with stunning score. Director, Ian GonzalezAnd the He went out of his way to highlight the AIDS epidemic In addition to depicting a specific time period in history where his free-spirited characters were enjoying their right to sexual freedom as it happened.

a little (2019)

Led by the transgender actress, Nicole MainesAnd the a little It is all part of horror history with queer vampires and feminist themes to rid the streets of predatory men. Laurel, a trans teen, uses her summer vacation in Los Angeles to be bitten by a vampire and joins a group of them, ultimately changing her life forever.

This coming of age story rewrites the rules of the supernatural and explores what it means to be female, vampire, and “other” in a patriarchal society. There’s no over-sexualizing the characters, and the film turns a woman’s fear of walking alone at night on herself, as characters find power and control in “others”.

sure determination (2004)

sure determination It’s known as “the first gay altar movie” and for good reason. The movie said “To Hell” with a subtext and put the life (and death) of gay men at the fore. It takes place in West Hollywood where a group of gay friends celebrate Halloween. They are soon followed by a masked killer who begins to kill them one by one at a club.

The movie takes every horror stereotype and turns it into a gay 80s-inspired dream scene. With a killer soundtrack and candy-colored visuals, the film makes sure not to include any of the boring stereotypes that often plague gay men in horror. Although it may not be the best horror movie ever made, it deserves a place in the history of bizarre horror.

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