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The point-and-click adventure genre was incredibly popular during the 1990s, with a variety of titles for kids and adults that introduced simple mechanics that helped attract players to invest in the story and gameplay. One of the most popular games for kids was called Carmen Sandiego.

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These games focused on teaching the player the world while solving puzzles. While the series is not going viral anymore, there are many indie developers who have taken inspiration from the games. Chinese Detective Agency A great example of this, though, offers a darker version and is definitely not for kids. This is just one of the things beginners should keep in mind before diving into this exciting new world.

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7 Spend money wisely

Players will start the game with a decent amount of cash thanks to the loan made to the Princess of Dharma, the main character of the game and a private investigator. However, this does not mean that money should be taken lightly Chinese Detective AgencyIt is used to pay for a variety of basic services.

This includes traveling by train or plane as well as hiring other employees to work. Money will also be necessary to keep the business open as there are bills that have to be paid frequently. While players will earn a decent income by completing specific customer cases, it is important that they do not travel or hire more than they need to.

6 Check dates and time for flights

As players advance in the game, time will continually move forward at a rate of about a minute per second in real life. For this reason, it is always important to make sure to check the time. It’s a 24 hour format instead of 12 hours too, so 11:00 means 11 a.m. while 23:00 means 11 p.m.

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This is especially important when looking to book flights. Sometimes some destinations offer trips planned for the next day, with lists of trips that have already come and gone. Since booking a flight can be rather expensive, and there are no refunds, players should make sure the time is right.

5 Don’t wait in real time

Speaking of time, players will likely book a flight or be required to attend something on a specific date and time. While the days were in Chinese Detective Agency Moving much faster than in real life, the test of patience is still sitting and waiting; Even for only four to five hours. Fortunately, players don’t have to.

There is a wait button listed at the bottom of the screen that players can click and then speed up the time by a certain amount of hours. With this in mind, players should think strategically about the number of waiting hours as it may be important to leave some extra time to reach the destination before the deadline.

4 Some puzzles will be timed

games like Chinese Detective Agency You focus a lot on talking to people, investigating the scene, and gathering information. generally, Chinese Detective Agency It’s paced well enough that players don’t need to put too much pressure on completing the case as quickly as possible.

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However, there will be individual points in these cases where there will be a puzzle that must be completed quickly so as not to cause any alarms or cause more damage than it should. These may be the most intense moments in the game, but the good news is that the game will tell the player that they need to try to get things done.

3 Choices must be carefully considered

Most detective games focus on players going through a more linear story, with cases stacked sequentially to go along with the overall narrative. but, Chinese Detective Agency It strays from this a bit as there will be meaningful choices and decisions in the game that will affect the overall story.

Besides decisions to be made during specific situations, there will be certain points when players need to decide which customer they want to serve. This completely changes the course of the story, forcing players to go in a certain direction. While this may be an inconvenience to some, those who enjoy the game enough can look forward to additional gameplay differences.

2 You have a notebook

It may be unconventional nowadays to use a pen and paper to play a video game, but Chinese Detective Agency It was designed to throw a lot of confusing information at the players. As a result, sometimes it can be important to write down a few things about what’s going on.

However, there is also an in-game notebook that keeps track of some of the items and dialogue that the player has acquired. This can be found in the lower right corner of the screen. However, if players want to keep track of more information than the game notebook allows, having a place to put some ideas to come back to later is a must.

1 Google is necessary

While Carmen Sandiego He was known for teaching children through riddles, specifically in geography, Chinese Detective Agency He knows that older individuals are playing their game and fully expects them to either know the answers or know where to get them.

During some puzzles of the game, players will be asked to find the origin of text or images that come from a specific book or location, respectively. If players can’t come up with the answers right away, a quick Google search can help them get to the answer they need. Players should keep in mind that these puzzles can also be timed.

Chinese Detective Agency Now available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass.

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