The scarlet and violet Pokemon still have one big question to answer

Pokemon Scarlet Violet One Big Question

Nintendo and Game Freak have revealed a lot about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with their latest gaming trailer, but one big question remains.

Game Freak and Nintendo revealed pokemon scarlet and violet Earlier this year a trailer showed new Pokemon and open world gameplay. A few months later, a second trailer for pokemon scarlet and violet Dropped, as this revealed more Pokemon, chest art legend, 4-player co-op, and more. When it comes to basic information about pokemon scarlet and violetFans know pretty much everything they need to know now, though one big question remains.

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pokemon scarlet and violet She revealed masters, a handful of new Pokemon, the legend of chest art, and various details about the game, but for one reason or another, she still had to announce the region in which the new games would take place. Game Freak and Nintendo are usually very quick when it comes to new region details for any given region Pokemon The game, so surprisingly to some, there is still no name for pokemon scarlet and violet region.

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name for pokemon scarlet and violet Obviously, the region will have to wait for later, but in the meantime, fans have been able to make a good guess as to what real country the new region will be based on. Based on clues fans spotted on Monday pokemon scarlet and violet The trailers released so far, it is very likely that the new region, regardless of its name, is based on Spain.

There are many clues that indicate that Spain was the inspiration for the new region in pokemon scarlet and violetAnd the latest trailer included another hint in that direction. One of the new Pokemon for . has been revealed pokemon scarlet and violet In the latest trailer it was a regular pig Pokemon Lechonk, and as it turns out, Lechonk is actually a pretty big clue about the new territory’s real-world inspiration.

The Spanish word Lechon means suckling pig or piglet, which makes Lechonk a pun on a Spanish word. It stands to reason that the only reason the Pokemon Company would do this was if the original Lechonk region was based in Spain, although it hasn’t been officially identified by anyone involved in game development.

More information about pokemon scarlet and violet It should appear in the coming weeks. The pokemon scarlet and violet The release date is a few months away, so fans can expect to know more about the new region in the near future.

pokemon scarlet and violet Now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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