Days developer Gone Bend Studio is hosting a livestream to reveal their new logo

bend studio new developer logo livestream twitch reveal

Unfortunate controversies sparked around the developer studio bend The alleged success or failure Days gone by. Although this speech happened some time ago, it seems like a critical reception for Days gone byin addition to Sony’s perception of its sales, had some effect on the developer and what they would have to work on next.

Rumors have since indicated that Bend might be working on PS5 exclusively Men in black Game; Well, petition for Days gone by The sequel reached a milestone of 150,000 signatures back in February and is now at over 170,000. The only official clarification came from Hermen Hulst last year, which stated that Bend’s next game would be a new IP, but that leaves plenty of room for speculation. Now, while fans have been relatively clueless regarding an item’s next step as a developer, it appears as if a rebranding is in the works.

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Bend recently shared on social media that she will be hosting a “Live Special” on Twitch in honor of the unveiling of the studio’s new logo. Instead, no news of an upcoming game or other such information is being teased. Revealing a new logo in a live broadcast as a rather small ad seems like it could have been dropped another way, but Bend hosts the live stream every week, so it makes sense to reveal it there. Bend may structurally rebrand with the new logo being the first of many changes to the studio that fans can look forward to in live broadcast tomorrow at 12PM PT.

Either way, fans should temper their expectations for any ulterior motives behind the reveal of her new logo. Bend recently clarified that there will be no announcement of a game during the live broadcast and that it will just be an opportunity for developers to chat and share the new logo. This might come as a disappointment to some fans who have been eager to know what Bend has been up to since then Days gone by. But even if no new game is announced or released tomorrow, we hope fans will hear about it in the near future when Bend’s next title is actually ready to be shared.

Until then, if fans want to learn more about the logo and perhaps even hear the developers talk about their inspiration, they can tune in to the live stream of an item for tomorrow. Of course, if Bend is ready to rebrand himself, a new game announcement may not be out of reach.

Depending on how far along it is, the next Bend game may have a chance to premiere at this week’s Summer Game Fest kickoff, even if the show will primarily focus on previously announced games. However, the new logo might not hint at anything else about what the developer was about to do, and it might not have any effect on the studio-wide rebranding after all.

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