Batman reveals the one hero he trusts the most

In the new Batman movie for DC Comics: Annual, the Caped Crusader has chosen the one hero he trusts most to lead his international team of rangers.

warning! spoilers ahead for Batman: Annual 2022 #1

In the capital’s new annual issue of their ongoing cases Batman The Dark Knight reveals the guardian hero he trusts the most. Without the money he had as a billionaire, the Dark Knight would no longer be able to support his global team Batman Inc. Instead, Batman hands the reins of power to one of his oldest friends and allies in the DC Universe: ghost maker.

distance Joker’s warBatman lost all his money after the Joker stole the bulk of it. Operating out of a Gotham brownstone with little caves all over town, Bruce Wayne isn’t the playboy billionaire he once was. In the wake of Joker’s war It also witnessed the return of the Ghost-Maker into the life of Batman, a fellow vigilante who trained and befriended Bruce. While the two had fallen out after Ghost-Maker could not understand Bruce’s crusade in Gotham, they have since been reunited and Ghost-Maker became a frequent ally of the Bat-Family after agreeing to resort to less lethal methods of justice.

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Now, it looks like Ghost-Maker will enter the Batman universe even further after agreeing to take over Batman Inc. From the Dark Knight in Batman Annual 2022 #1 From Ed Bryson and John Thames. Of course, the team of Worldwide Rangers recruited by Bruce has reservations about a psychopath leading them. However, Batman reaffirms his decision that Ghost-Maker is the best ranger to replace him, proving his great trust in his old friend.

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While the Ghost-Maker may be very arrogant, he has the skills and experience to back up his arrogant stance. Furthermore, he even sought out every member of Batman Inc. Before Batman even asks him to take on the task, wanting to test their skills and prove their worth (and find them imperfect). Case in point, the rest of the problem sees Ghost-Maker reforming the international Batman squad into a major and minor league where those in the Palace will remain local champions in their countries until they feel they are ready to join the major leagues. As such, Batman appears to have put his trust in the right keeper for the job with Ghost-Maker already planning to make Batman Inc. Stronger than it was before.

However, one of the things that makes Ghost-Maker so unpredictable is his lack of empathy. Driven only by his desire to be the best criminal in the world, ghost maker It is highly self-centered and plays rarely make the sacrifice one would expect from any other hero. As a result, one has to wonder how that will translate now that he trusts him Batman To lead the Batman company

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