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Final Fantasy 14 is an ever expanding MMO that started with three countries – cities before spreading to places like Doma, Ishgard, First, Garlemald, and even the moon. These locations are diverse, showing players new places under the sea, above the stars, across the undulating hills of Azim Steppe, and in the depths of bustling cities like Ul’dah. Among these various places are neighborhoods where players can buy housing.

Now, there are five residential locations around Final Fantasy 14. They are The Goblet, The Lavender Beds, The Mists, Shirogane, and The Empyreum. They can all be accessed at different points in the game, and each has different aesthetics. Some are also more popular than others, with the first three available to players once they reach level five.

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The cup is the residence of Olda. It can be accessed in A Realm Reborn, and is known to be the least popular neighborhood due to the design of its competition. The Goblet is an oasis in the desert, complete with waterfalls, clear skies, giant windmills, and desert views.

To get to The Goblet, you must complete the quest “Where the Heart Is”. It can be captured in Western Thanalan with an NPC called Imme. All the homes are in the “Oasis” style, which is Dan’s architecture. For those who cannot afford a home, there is also an apartment complex called Same Sultana.

lavender family

The Lavender Beds is a garden neighborhood with trees, flowers, rivers, shrubs, and waterfalls. This is the neighborhood of Gridania, and therefore also accessible in A Realm Reborn. It is a very popular neighborhood, many players love the aesthetic of the magical forest.

To reach the Lavender household, players must complete a mission from NPC Margeria, who is sitting in Central Shroud. The condominium in the area is called Lily Hills, and all the homes use the “Glade” style of architecture. Usually the weather in this area is either clear or the skies are fair.

the fog

Fog is there for beach-loving players. It’s the residential area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLimsa Lominsa, and A Realm Reborn’s second most popular neighborhood (it really depends on any player’s love for the beach). All of its homes are “Riviera” style, and some have direct ocean frontage access. The apartments at The Mists are called Topmast.

To get to The Mists, players must talk to Ahctkoen in Lower La Noscea. Outside the ocean, this neighborhood is known for its stone terraces, canals, and walkways. There are also a lot of palm trees which can be seen from a distance.


Shirogane is a very popular residential area. It won’t be available until players access the Stormblood content, where the eastern theme features bonsai trees, bamboo, and “Hingashi” houses. many Final Fantasy 14 Players are drawn to this aesthetic, so the wings of this distraction are pretty plump.

To reach the area, players must reach level 61 and complete the “I Dream of Shirogane” mission, which can be captured by Tsurubami in Kugane. It should be available after completing the quest “by the Grace of Lord Lolorito”.


Empyreum is the latest addition to Final Fantasy 14 housing market. It is perfect for those who love Gothic architecture and winter weather. The districts have hot pools and many stone steps and fountains, although this is only available to players once they reach level 60.

After completing the “Peace Call” quest, access to The Empyreum will come through a quest called “Ascending to Empyreum”. It is supplied by Gondelimbaud at the Foundation, but all of the residences are filling up quickly since it was put on the market.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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