Steam makes the game free to claim for a limited time


All Steam users now have a limited opportunity to claim a paid game for free, to celebrate its sixth anniversary on the platform.

While the Epic Games Store has printed the idea of ​​giving away premium PC games on a weekly basis, Valve’s steam He hasn’t been nearly as generous on that front over the years. Sure, the game will be awarded every now and then, but the chance to claim a paid game with absolutely no cost is far from being popular on Steam.

That’s what makes it so true ghost ninja You have the right to claim on Steam such noteworthy news. Coming from indie game developer SC Jogos, ghost ninja It’s a top serial title that typically costs $4.99, but is now free to download and download due to SC Jogos’ celebration of the game’s sixth anniversary.

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While the exact pattern of Epic’s free game giveaways has become somewhat predictable over the years, that’s not the case with Steam. Whether or not developers abandon their game is left to their own devices, and Valve does not offer any specific benefits to those who choose to do so. SC Jogos celebrates ghost ninjaThe 2016 release is, then, an event in itself, and one that is further emphasized by how rare Steam gifts compare to those hosted on the Epic Games Store.

Steam users are interested in the claim ghost ninja You have until June 13th to do so, and it may also be useful to note that SC Jogos has a variety of other games for sale, most of which have now been drastically reduced as part of their promotional efforts. At the same time, it should also be noted that the game is not included in the 2500 playable games of Steam Deck, but it may be worth claiming for users of gaming laptops, as it is simply “untested” at this time.

In most cases, free game giveaways on Steam are time-limited events and not permanent account-level unlocks. For example, Paradox Interactive’s recent Steam sale allowed users to not only purchase many of its games at deeply discounted prices, but also unlock Stellaris As a free download on the weekend. This allowed players who were still on the fence about the game to try it out and see if they enjoyed it before spending any money.

Valve gaming platform users might also be happy to know Call of duty It returns to Steam after a very long franchise hiatus. While Activision has yet to confirm whether this will be the case for its other titles in the future as well, this does indicate that the company may be interested in setting a new precedent for Call of dutyat least.

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