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Best QT characters

There is no one quite like him Quentin Tarantino; His dedication and love for cinema have given the world of cinema some of the most iconic films. Not afraid of exploring and blending genres, he has become a true storyteller.

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Aside from his skillful manipulation of non-linear storytelling and masterful cinematography, Tarantino has created a legacy with his cast of characters. His fascination with having deep, well-rounded personalities makes it hard to narrow down which ones come out on top, but many stand out.

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The Bride – “Kill Bill Volume 1 and Volume 2” (2003-2004)

“The deadliest woman on the planet” has become one of the most recognizable female figures of the 21st century. Providing accessible insight into the kung fu genre for fans, Beatrix Kiddo (Uma ThurmanBring you a new feminine look in a revenge movie. Her battle to find her daughter and eliminate the deadly Snake assassination squad frightens the masses with her strength and skills.

Colonel Hans Landa – “Inglourious Basterds” (2009)

One of the most vicious villains in the history of cinema, cold-blooded SS officer Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) is an opponent who loves to be hated by the public. His high intelligence and sharp wit keep viewers guessing. Devoid of humanity and sympathy, unparalleled amoral.

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Mr. White / Larry Demick – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Tarantino’s directorial debut in 1992 gave audiences a host of tremendous talent, no more than Harvey Keitel. Arguably one of his most important roles, his twisted moral compass as Mr. White guides him through a botched diamond heist with a sense of magic. Although Keitel’s role in Pulp Fiction Since the wolf is creative, the sympathy of this trickster and his fatherly instincts towards Mr. Orange give him a higher status.

Django Freeman – “Django Unchained” (2012)Unlock Django

A tribute to the Spaghetti Westerns of the past, Tarantino’s seventh film follows the freed slave Django (Jamie Foxx(save his wife)Kerry Washington) from the owner of a despicable farm played before Leonardo DiCaprio. Django’s journey from slave to legend is both entertaining and poignant, with Jamie Foxx in his most important role to date. His perseverance and eternal love for his wife make him one of Tarantino’s best heroes.

Zoe Bell – Death Proof (2007)

Go-to stunt woman from Quentin Tarantino, Zoe Bell, She plays herself in the female revenge movie death guide. Her bold stance is a great addition to Tarantino’s list of strong female characters. Her talent was spotlighted, as she was seen in her incredible movement, the “mast of ships”, attached with one hand to the hood of a speeding car. All the female characters in this movie are amazing, but Zoe Bell stands out.

Daisy Domergue – The Hateful Eight (2015)

With a reward of ten thousand dollars headed by Daisy Domergue (Susanna DreyfussShe is the sister of gang leader Judy and an intelligent and malevolent personality. In true Tarantino style, Daisy’s clever and sharp tongue, in combination with her violent streak, is a powerful addition to the cast of characters in The Hateful Eight. Her brutality emerges in a room full of brutality, with her revenge and punishment swiftly afterward.

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Jackie Brown – Jackie Brown (1997)

In honor of the Blaxploitation films Tarantino grew up in, Jackie Brown emerges as the legendary star of the genre, bam jarir. The public forgives her criminal activities due to her strength and tireless struggle for financial security and freedom from her lawless life. Back and forth with Samuel L. JacksonTo witness his character is a delight, and usually surpasses him.

Mia Wallace – Pulp Fiction 1994

It is considered one of Tarantino’s most influential and distinguished films. Pulp Fiction The director had shot more fame and created some more iconic characters, no more than that Mia Wallace. Her outstanding haircut and elegant style have been imitated all over the world. Mia’s reckless and laid-back nature quickly wins over the audience, not to mention her perfect dance routine john Travolta Himself.

Susanna Dreyfus – Inglorious Basterds (2009)

This Tarantino character has the most tragic past of them all: a Jew in Nazi-occupied France, Chosanna (Susanna DreyfussShe spends her life in hiding. With her hatred of the Nazi regime leading her, she meticulously plots their deaths when an opportunity arises at her feet. Her determination and wit won admiration and celebration throughout the film and audiences everywhere.

Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction 1994

John Travolta brings his groove and charm to the role of beloved killer Vincent Vega. His indifferent nature towards his profession leads to some comedic relief in the criminal world. His relationship with his partner Jules and Mia and his signature poetry made him a character in the history books.

Stuntman Mike – Death Proof (2007)

This sociopathic serial killer was as frightening as it was frightening. Kurt RussellHis fearsome spine performance contributes to this character’s legacy. His charm and charisma hide his true sadistic self. His pursuit of the group of women throughout the film always leaves the audience on edge.

Jules Winfield – Pulp Fiction 1994

No one can forget his interpretation of Ezekiel 25:17. His charismatic nature and desensitization to his violent lifestyle make him effortlessly cool. She provided the character of Samuel L. Jackson perfectly for the role, bringing the character to life with elegance.

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