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Fantasy novels have long appealed to young and old young and old alike, so much so that publishers and booksellers have had to create a category called New Adult Fiction for the slightly more delightful reads. But these books share the same things that make them difficult to subdue for readers of any age – powerful female heroines, clumsy gangsters who save the world, anti-heroes, magical creatures, and mysterious worlds. Not to mention enough jinns, vampires, witches, and winged males to poke a wand.

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What really excites fictional readers is when the characters and worlds depicted entirely in their heads become flesh on the screen. Is this exactly what you envisioned, or were you expecting something different? Hot in the wake of Netflix’s Shadow and bonesAmazon Prime wheel of timeand HBO’s Its dark matter A large number of new YA fantasy book adaptations are coming in the pipeline right now.

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vampire academy

Richelle MeadeHis six book series is set to become an hourly television show peacock With the first season expected to be released in late 2022. vampire academy It follows the lives of the Dampier (half vampire, half human) Rose Hathaway and her best friend, Princess of Moroi, Lisa Dragomir. The Moroi, a peaceful race of vampires, are under constant threat from the Strigoi, the bloodthirsty killer species. Under the guidance of Dmitriy Belikov, Rose trains to become Lisa’s guardian with her skills tested before she graduates.

Vampire-obsessed fans will recognize the model Julie Blake From another show of blood-The Vampire Diaries. While the series has nothing to do with it (TVD based on novels LG Smith), it’s safe to say Plec knows what she’s doing when it comes to teen dramas. Plec will be accompanied in her role by Margaret McIntyreit is known that TVD Fans as Sheriff Forbes. Fans hope to see a much improved adaptation of vampire academy The series after the 2014 film adaptation was met with disappointment. The main cast is set with Sisi Stringer take the role of rose, Daniela Neves like Lisa and Kiron Mor Dmitriy.

Court of thorns and roses

YA Strong Romantic Fantasy Sarah J Mass to bring Court of thorns and roses string on the screen. The story follows a human hunted Feyre who accidentally kills a Shifter when she goes out hunting to feed her family. Feyre is under the wrath of Tamlin, the supreme lord of the Spring Court, and must go with him to make up for her crime. But once she crosses over to the Fai realm, her life changes irreversibly. Enter Rhysand, the supreme lord of the Court of the Night and Tamlin’s first enemy. Which side will Fire choose?

The author’s husband leaked the news of the five-book series being adapted for television via Instagram. He posted an innocent-looking photo of the sandwich, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a notebook in the background that read “ACOTAR TV conditioning notes”. Oops! The next day, mas officially She shared the news, telling fans that she’s going to work with them Ronald de Morcreator stranger from home, to adapt the series. The project is currently still in development, but fans hope to see their favorite pictures hollow Sometime in 2023.

Children of blood and bones

Tommy AdeyemiA tale inspired by the legends of West Africa is heading to the big screen. Children of blood and bones It takes place in Orisha, a land that was once rich in magic until the vengeful king killed every mage. Zelie’s mother was one of those mages, and now she’s out to get revenge. With the help of rogue princess Amari, Zile harnesses her powers to eliminate the oppressive kingdom and restore magic to Earth. She must clash with Crown Prince Inan with her head and heart.

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in 2022,paramount pictures I managed to disable the movie rights to the two book series Lucas FilmWhich made them swoop in. Adeyemi has signed on as writer and executive producer and also announced that the third book in the series will be released in 2023. Can fans get access to the Children Of Blood and Bone movie trilogy?

red queen

Victoria AviardThe four book series is currently in development for TV in peacock. The Red Queen is set in a world where the color of your blood reflects your condition. Red-blooded people are commoners, while silver-blooded people are the elite, imbued with supernatural powers. Mary Barrow’s blood may turn red but she has the power of a silver medal. Once inside Silvers Sanctuary, Mary uses her position to aid the Scarlett Guard, bringing down the Empire from within.

Elizabeth Banks Hop on the project as a side by side producer Max HandelmannHe is also rumored to have a starring role in the series. Aveyard will co-write the adaptation with Arrowclerk Beth Schwartz. She announced the news of the adaptation via Instagram in May 2021, so hopefully fans don’t have to wait any longer.

ninth house

Follow up from success Shadow and bonesauthor Lee Bardugo She brings yet another of her series to the screen. ninth house It is a story unique in that it is a YA urban fantasy, set in New Haven, Connecticut. The film revolves around the story of Alex Stern who goes through a series of dark and dangerous events before ending up at Yale University. Commissioned by the Lethe House to monitor Yale’s secret magical communities, Alex has to make use of some black magic to get the job done. There are ghosts and demons too.

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In 2021, Bardugo announced via Instagram that Amazon Studios He will be adapting the two-book series for television. In June 2021, she informed fans that she would be taking off social media to work on the adaptation, working as a writer and executive producer. if Shadow and bones Whatever goes on, the fans are here to enjoy.

monsters of prey

Within days of releasing her first book in 2021, Ayana Gray Advertisement Adapted Film. Inspired by the myths of East Africa, the tale follows the story of Kofi, who possesses a secret power that begs to be unleashed on it, and Aikon, who must prove himself an elite warrior. Kofi and Akon enter the Great Forest in search of the evil Satanic Beast, which kills anyone who dares to enter. They intend to achieve their goals by killing the monster, but they must work together.

monsters of prey Slated to be turned into a movie by Netflix. SVUclerk Melody Cooper He will be working on the adaptation alongside Gray, who has been busy writing the second book in the series. ruin monsters It will be released in July 2022, and hopefully the first batch will hit screens shortly.

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