Chantel dismisses and feeds off Pedro’s divorce rumors

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are having marital problems at The Family Chantel, and Chantel recently sparked divorce rumors with a suspicious comment from IG.

marriage between Chantelle family Couple Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are in a very bad place, and Chantel has added fuel to the breakup rumors with a suspicious Instagram post directed at her husband. Chantelle and Pedro finished the third season of 90 days fiance An accidental offer of a relatively stable and supportive marriage. However, Pedro and Chantel’s relationship in Season 4 is in a terrible place, and many fans are wondering if this season will depict the couple’s separation.

The first two episodes of Chantelle family Season 4 emphasized many of the relationship issues that arose between Chantel and Pedro. Chantel finds her husband of five years distant and uninterested in her. Pedro now works as a real estate agent and prefers to spend his spare time with his co-workers, and does not feel like checking in with his wife or sharing a good time with her. Chantel’s feelings are clearly hurt from Pedro’s distance, while previews for the upcoming season see Chantel wondering if Pedro cheated on her and if he loved her.

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Chantel fans noticed it on Instagram Chantelle family The star hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring on social media lately. Chantel fueled the divorce rumors by sharing a very clearly video clip in which he called out Pedro. Chantelle She posted a now-deleted Instagram video of her cooking several delicious and healthy dinners with the text, “Cooking after a 12-hour shift in the hospital for a man who doesn’t come home.“The nurse conveyed her message to her followers through video captions,”With 12 hour shifts, the insta pot and slow cooker became my life saver…but he never came home for dinner…Chantel perfectly explained her feelings to her fans, who immediately began to comment on their support for Chantel.

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you deserve the best,Courtney Reardans, girlfriend of the Chantel franchise, wrote with a red heart. Chantel shocked her Instagram followers by replying in the comments, “I have noticed that he has never liked any of my posts for about a year and a half.“Many fans have noticed that Chantel and Pedro haven’t shared pictures together for almost a long time. Commenters have started flooding Chantel’s post with kind words because they commented that it was too good for Pedro.”Dump him!!! You are a self-sufficient and independent woman, it is better for you“A fan wrote to Chantel.”Pedro takes you for granted!Another commentator stated that other fans expressed their anger at Pedro’s apparent neglect of his wife.

The drama between Pedro and Chantel is set to only get worse during this Chantelle family Fourth season. However, some viewers wondered if it was real. Fans have already found out that Pedro lied about his plot line during Season 3. The Dominican national claimed he was shocked to find out he had half-siblings, even though old photos of him and his half-brothers from over a decade ago are back. At the same time, Chantel’s hostility towards her husband and heartbreak on the show appears to be real. Chantelle and Pedro’s marriage may not last Chantelle family season 4.

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