How to Avoid Thor: Love, Thunder Leaks and Spoilers

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with Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder A release date is in sight, it can be very difficult to do your best to avoid potential spoilers and leaks. Fortunately, we have a guide that will help prevent spoilers and leaks from appearing on your social media and frequently used platforms. Here’s how to avoid Thor: Love and Thunder leaks.

How to Prevent Thor: Love and Thunder Leaks and Spoilers

Thor: Love and Thunder Leaks

In order to avoid Thor: Love and Thunder leaks and spoilers, users can:

  • Limit the use of any social media where possible.
  • Mute any keywords on Twitter.
    • To do this, visit Twitter Settings and select the “Silent Keywords” option, then add “Thor: Love and Thunder” to avoid seeing Thor: Love and Thunder leaks and spoilers.
  • Consider installing an extension that targets any keywords listed.
    • Spoiler Protection 2.0 worked well for me on Google Chrome.
    • Make sure to add “Thor: Love and Thunder” and any other related words to your keyword list.
  • Avoid visiting any websites or trend pages that are likely to list spoilers, especially in the lead-up to and after the release.
    • Note: Not all pages will display an “error warning”.
  • Don’t visit subreddits that specifically target Marvel leaks and spoilers.
    • The r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers page must be blocked!

Following all the steps above will give you the best chance of avoiding Thor: Love and Thunder leaks and spoilers, especially with the July 8 release date still more than 3 weeks away.

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