The 10 biggest power-ups from the MCU villains

Thor: love and thunder Gorr the God Butcher, one of Thor’s most powerful villains from the comics, is set as the film’s main antagonist. A character known for killing any and all gods he encounters, Gorr will very likely display his power on a level stronger than most other MCU villains.

As MCU villains have ranged from super soldiers and Infinity Stone users to individuals with incredible god-like power, fans have seen incredible feats from MCU villains over the years, but which of these power-ups are on a completely different level than the rest?

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10 Ultron resists an explosion from Thor, Vision and Iron Man

Seeing Iron Man and Thor in Avegners Age of Ultronpsd

Although many fans argue that Ultron was underutilized and deserved better, the strength and durability of android was on full screen as it was able to withstand a combined blast of Vision using the Mind Stone and Thor using Mjolnir and Iron Man repulsors during peak battle in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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The fact that Ultron wasn’t instantly vaporized by the explosion was impressive enough, but putting something that would eliminate almost any other character in the MCU demonstrated incredible levels of toughness that only the MCU’s strongest villains had.

9 Heyla defeats Asgard

Hila made it known early on Motorcycle rental She is a very strong villain that cannot be tampered with. Hela was able to easily wipe out the Warriors Three and then wreak havoc on the entire Asgard army, and was able to conquer one of the most powerful of the nine worlds in just a matter of minutes.

Since it’s always thrilling to see a single character defy groups of opponents, fans have been able to see the allure of the force at Hela’s disposal quickly as she proves that she is a one-woman army capable of conquering any planet or world she desires.

8 Ronan destroys the Xandarian fleet

Although Ronan isn’t one of the MCU’s most famous and memorable villains, the Kree warrior has proven to be strong enough to use the Power Stone. Using a fraction of the power of a stone, Ronan was able to destroy almost an entire fleet of Xandarian ships during the peak battle in Guardians of the Galaxy.

While using the Infinity Stone is a powerful enough feat in and of itself, Ronan proved to be so powerful that he didn’t need his fleet of ships to wreak havoc on such a massive scale, even though he would be defeated by himself. The weapon that bestowed him with such power, there is no doubt that Ronan was (temporarily) one of the most powerful MCU villains seen to date.

7 Dormammu beats Doctor Strange (multiple times)

The Dark Dimension Ruler Dormammu has been hinted at all along Dr. Gharib As a close being with the potential to cause devastation on a planetary scale. Knowing this, Dr. Strange still faced the villain and was brutally murdered many times in their various encounters.

Even though it was just his original movie, Doctor Strange is still one of the most powerful magical users in the MCU. Despite this, Dormammu was able to defeat Doctor Strange easily without any difficulty at all, which is a great testament to the insane power that Dromammu possesses.

6 Thanos defeats the Avengers

While his faulty moral reasoning and motivation to “save” the universe were already enough to make Thanos one of the best villains in the MCU, the strength of Mad Titan made him worthy of his role as the main villain in the Infinity Saga. The third chapter of Avengers: Infinity War Almost every MCU hero has seen him try and fail to take down Thanos.

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Some heroes were able to fight battles better than others, but Thanos was basically able to defeat every single one of Earth’s greatest heroes (and many of them with no difficulty at all) and it’s a show of strength worth noting.

5 Heyla destroys Mjolnir

Hila grabs Thor's hammer.

Although it was featured extensively in the trailers for Motorcycle rentalHila has destroyed Thor’s trusted hammer, Mjolnir certainly lives up to the expected shock as neither fans nor Thor himself can believe that Mjolnir can be destroyed so easily.

Mjolnir in the MCU was shown to be impossible for undeserving individuals to do, let alone something that could be destroyed, so the fact that Hela was able to destroy the Hammer was not only a great way to introduce the character but also for her extraordinary display of the power of the gods of death.

4 The Scarlet Witch kills the Illuminati

Doctor Strange 2 multiverse scene from Crimson Madness Illuminati witch

When the Illuminati were introduced in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessFans were not only stunned by the introduction of many new characters such as Black Bolt, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic but also by the sheer strength of the crew.

Although the superhero team includes some of the most powerful characters in the MCU, the evil Scarlet Witch defeated the entire Illuminati. Showcasing power levels to take on brute forces like Captain Marvel while also having the brainpower to defeat the likes of Professor X, Scarlet Witch has shown himself to be a terrifying multiverse threat in the MCU.

3 Surtur destroys Asgard

Thor Ragnarok Surtur destroys Asgard

Thor is known for taking on some of the MCU’s strongest opponents, but it’s very likely that God of Thunder will have his match when he faces Surtur and his strongest form. the end of Motorcycle rental He saw Sertor live up to his claims of destroying Asgard as the Fire Demon literally grew to the size of a mountain and used his giant fiery sword to wipe out Asgard, taking out Hela in the process.

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Defeating Hela would be an impressive feat in and of itself, but destroying an entire world is a display of power that not many MCU villains can dream of matching.

2 The ego almost controls the entire universe

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Ego demonstrated to the masses the astonishing level of power the Celestials had at their disposal when he nearly achieved his goal of eliminating all life in the universe while… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Seeing glimpses of the planets beginning to be engulfed by his seeds placed on each planet, fans saw a unique and terrifying force never before seen in the MCU.

While many MCU villains tend to rely on Infinity Stones or other weapons to achieve these high levels of power, Ego was able to rewrite nearly the entire universe on his own without using any help and is a display of strength that is not to be reckoned with for many MCU fans.

1 pick up Thanos

Thanos Avengers infinity war Snap isn't about resource theory

Although many comic book fans have seen it, the Thanos shot was one of the most shocking moments in the history of superhero movies, but it also demonstrated a power on a scale that many fans and characters in the MCU still cannot fathom.

By controlling the power of all six Infinity Stones and achieving a power unmatched by any other character in the MCU, Thanos was able to wipe out life on a global scale – a feat of strength that will likely never top in the MCU.

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