Wonder Woman’s stealth plane is cool again due to a shocking redesign

Wonder Woman’s invisible plane is pretty much irrelevant due to its ability to fly, but an awesome prehistoric version of the plane makes it cool again.

warning! Contains spoilers for jurassic league #2!

While amazing woman‘s invisible plane Always derided, a new prehistoric redesign brings new life and new possibilities to the old car. The updated version of the aircraft is featured in jurassic leagueA fun reimagining of the Justice League in the form of dinosaurs. Although the dinosaur version of the plane might be considered a fool’s joke, it actually brilliantly solves a lot of the problems that the car faces in the DC world.

The invisible plane is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest gadgets. While the modern incarnation of Wonder Woman can fly using her own power, that wasn’t the case at first. So having an invisible plane was very beneficial for her. Some recent stories about Wonder Woman’s plane have surfaced, but nowadays the invisible plane is largely seen as an ancient relic from the character’s ancient stories. However, the Jurassic League was able to cleverly make the famous Diana car relevant once again.

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in jurassic league #2 By Juan Gideon and Daniel Warren Johnson, Wonderdon leaves her home island of Trimyscira to travel to the mainland and unite with the heroes in her vision. She travels aboard an invisible Pteranodon called Thunder-Beak, which is clearly supposed to be a prehistoric version of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. This is probably tonally misplaced in other modern-day cartoons which are generally more grounded, but fit perfectly with the absurd nature of jurassic league. It’s unclear if this dinosaur version of Wonder Woman could fly the normal way, but even if it could, having an invisible Pteranodon has many benefits compared to having an invisible plane.

Undron ride the beak of thunder.

Wonderdon orders Thunder-Beak to stay behind while Giganta and Brontozarro fight, showing that Thunder-Beak can obey the knight’s orders. It makes sense, then, to use the Wonderdon Thunder-Beak in battle, as it can be difficult for its enemies to deal with an invisible flying ally. In addition to its usefulness in battle, the Thunder-Beak is also great, as its reflexes give it a personality that an invisible plane lacks.

While Wonder Woman will never get an invisible pteranodon in the mainstream DC universe (despite the strange history of the Wonder Woman plane, anything is possible), the invisible plane can be upgraded to become more like a Thunder-Beak. If an AI program with a character is loaded into the plane, he can fight alongside Wonder Woman without the need for a pilot, and it can also be fun to watch in battle. While the Invisible Aircraft once had artificial intelligence, it was less fun than a companion from Thunder-Beak. Therefore, Thunder-Beak is not only a cooler version of invisible planeit is also an example of how to use one Wonder Woman The most popular tools can be effectively updated.

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jurassic league # 2 Available now from DC Comics.

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