Picard season 2 gets a limited edition Steelbook


Happy Captain Picard’s Day to everyone celebrating! Today it has become an even more compliment from Paramount + who revealed the second season of Star Trek: Picard It will arrive on Blu-ray, DVD, and a limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook on October 4th! It’s just a four-month wait to relive all your favorite moments from the critically acclaimed season two of the critically acclaimed series along with plenty of additional content big enough to fill a galaxy. Among the extras included alongside the season’s 10 episodes will be over an hour of never-before-seen features, deleted scenes—and everyone’s favorite—a gag reel. Is there anything purer than laughter? Patrick Stewart? I do not think so.

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Besides the abundance of bonus content, if you subscribe to the Steelbook’s Blu-ray special edition, you’ll have a great piece of art for collectors. The front of the cover reveals Jean-Luc Picard (Stuart) and his old rival Q (John de Lance) in some of the major arts of the second season. The other side rocks the iconic Delta badge that will forever remain synonymous with Star Trek Universe. Inside, colorful futuristic Los Angeles begs viewers to dive first into the series — and without traffic, we hope this is a prediction of what’s to come for the City of Angels. If you take a closer look, the delta symbol will appear again, this time as highway lanes connecting travelers to the city.

season 2 of Star Trek: Picard As successful as the first season, Picard and his crew travel to the depths of the universe on a journey to save 21st century Earth from mass destruction. Together with Stewart, the season shined Alison PillAnd the Jerry RyanAnd the Michael HeardAnd the Ivan EvagoraAnd the Orla BradyAnd the Issa BrionesAnd the Santiago Cabrera. Brent Spinner He also appeared as Noonien Soong’s grandfather, a role he grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation As a character who invented artificial intelligence data, which Spinner also portrayed. Familiar guests also appeared Piccardsecond year season with Whoopi GoldbergGuinan appeared in addition to de Lancy Q.

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For those unsure of the origin of Captain Picard’s Day, fans of the USS Enterprise Captain began celebrating the day in 2007. The history comes from Season 7. next generation An episode entitled “Pegasus” in which children on board the spacecraft celebrated the captain through arts and crafts. June 16 was set due to the opening narration that featured the stellar star, 47457.1, with some clever fans deciphering the numbers on real history.

Whether you’re new to the idea of ​​Picard Day or you’ve been celebrating for years, announcing the arrival of Season 2 of Piccard DVD and Blu-ray are the best way to ring on this great occasion. Make sure you mark October 4th on your calendar so you don’t miss a moment of excitement – or blunders! Check out the Blu-ray Steelbook art below.

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