Old Hogwarts shouldn’t be as simple as a good Gryffindor, a bad Slytherin

hogwarts legacy morality gryffindor good slytherin bad houses

Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter Myths have always been amusing measures of what a character’s personality traits are, even if they are derivative or reductive. By putting a conscious witch and witch’s hat on a child’s head, the house that will define them throughout their seven-year education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is determined. These homes separate students to either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. Today’s video games in Hogwarts LegacyPlayers will be free to choose their home. This already hints at some degree of reboot Hogwarts Legacy…

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Rick and Morty’s Beth Secret hints at why he chose the Rick Dimension C-131

When Rick gives up one reality for another, he appears to be chosen at random from among the options available, but his decision may depend on Beth. Rick from the popular science fiction/comedy series Rick and Morty Known to travel the multiverse at will for any number of reasons. In an episode of the Adult Swim series, Rick and Morty completely abandon their home distance and decide to live in a dimension known as C-131 — and a comic book spin-off reveals that Rick chose this very reality because of…

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Jerry and Marge put on big shows sometimes truth is better than fiction

jerry and marge go large

Editor’s Note: The following contains Jerry & Marge Go Large spoilers.When a movie announces that it is based on a true story, it is always an open question as to how true the statement will appear in reality. in Jerry and Marge LargeThe truth is only a mild proposition as it takes a revealing story that has so many teeth just to turn it into a satisfying movie that strips away all the nuances that made it so great. Who are the stars Bryan Cranston like Jerry and Annette Bening…

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Transgender children and advocates blame culture war for adolescent health care debate

Some transgender advocates are criticizing the new guidance from the leading transgender health care body, saying it has fallen victim to the politicization of gender affirmation care for young people. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, or WPATH, a non-profit professional association dedicated to transgender health, will release version 8 of its Standards of Care in July. The last time the standards were updated was in 2012. The nearly 400-page guidelines, which the association’s president, Walter Bowman, described in an emailed statement as “the most comprehensive set” of guidelines…

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Star Wars author working on Dark Souls

dark souls remastered bonfire screenshot

The Evil spirits Trilogy is one of the most influential franchises in recent gaming history. Out of three RPGs from the show led to all sorts of successors, all listed under the now-comprehensive term “Souls-like.” But despite its popularity and influence, Evil spirits It did not in itself lead to a great deal of official results or promotion through the media. That’s why it’s so surprising to see a sudden announcement of an original Evil spirits 2022 novel. Today’s video games On Thursday afternoon, publishing company Yen Press, best known…

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Best worst movies like room


“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” despite Tommy WesooThe heartbreaking emotional breakdown had dramatic intentions, and was widely mocked as the hilarious moment in one of the most iconic films ever made, So Bad It’s Good. the room It inspired a cult phenomenon among moviegoers who were fascinated by Wiseau’s incomprehensible debut feature. the actor Greg Sestero chronicle his experience the room In his notes Disaster artistwhich was made into an award-winning film by A24 in 2017. Although it is certainly the most famous, the room It wasn’t the first funny…

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Chris Evans credits RDJ as the actor he learned the most from

While promoting Lightyear in a recent interview full of puppies, Chris Evans honors MCU representative, RDJ, as the actor he learned the most from. Chris Evans is attributed to him Marvel Cinematic Universe Costar, Robert Downey Jr., as the actor he learned the most from. After finding critical success early in his career with films like Chaplin, who was nominated for an Academy Award, experienced a brief fall from grace before helping to revolutionize comic book films. In 2008, Downey debuted as the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark’s…

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Gas station owner lowers prices to help customers

A Phoenix gas station owner sells gas for nearly half a dollar a gallon less than other stations in the city as prices across the country hit record levels. Jaswiendre Singh, who owns a Valero Food MartHe was selling regular gas for $5.19 a gallon on Friday, when he was average price In town it was about $5.68, according to AAA. Singh has lived in Phoenix for more than two decades. He has three children, one of whom is in college. He said he works from 4 a.m. to midnight…

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The coolest Pokemon fusion we wish it was real

Split image of Mawnium (Meganium and Mawile) and Milopeon (Milotic and Espeon) from Pokemon

As more and more Pokemon are slated to be released with the arrival of pokemon scarlet and violetFans are already faint at those already revealed. The latest release of Lechonk saw fans so fond and thrilled with its design that it made many memes an appreciation. RELATED: Types of Pokemon That Need Attention in Generation 9 However, even before Pokemon Scarlett and Violet In the ad, fans were already putting together their own ideas for Pokemon by merging two existing ideas. With an abundance of fusion generators out there, these…

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Why do you think you are from? This is an important offer

In Who Do You Think You Are? Celebrities explore their family trees. It is an important show because it gives historical events a personal touch. As a popular TV series Who do you think you are? Returning after a four-year hiatus, the show deserves credit for its telling of important tales that highlight the personal side of history. Who do you think you are? He follows the travels of celebrities as they trace their family trees and research their genealogy. They travel to locations in the United States and all…

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