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As someone with the ability to travel anywhere in time and space, it is only fitting that the Doctor chooses to hang out with famous historical figures, many of whom are considered friends. Doctor from He sets his own role in real-life situations involving historical figures, and maintains the traditions laid down by the classics Doctor from Series to be educational and family friendly.

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Sure, liberties have been seized, but that’s to be expected in a world inhabited by space monsters and involving time travel. For many apologists, it is far better to believe that Shakespeare’s lost work was the result of alien witches or that. Queen Victoria He founded the Torchwood Institute after a werewolf attack rather than believing that any of these things never happened.

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William Shakespeare – “The Shakespeare Code”

When William Shakespeare (Dean Lennox KellyHe was writing a sequel to his comedy Love work and lost In 1599, little did he know that he was under the malign influence of a trio of enchanted aliens – the Karionites – who were seeking to escape their forced exile into deep darkness through the poet’s words.

Shakespeare was considered by Dr. Ten (David Tennant) to be “the most human of all”. With the help of Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), the doctor intervened to prevent the release of Karionite, banishing the alien presence along with Shakespeare’s sequel. Which explains why we couldn’t Reading Shakespeare (The Lost)“Winning a labor of love.”

Queen Elizabeth I – “The Shakespeare Code” and “The Day of the Doctor”

Queen Elizabeth I appeared twice in Doctor from Reboot. First, in the episode “The Shakespeare Code” alongside Doctor Ten (Tennant) and then in the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor” with Doctor Ten, Eleven (Matt Smithand the war doctorJohn Hurt).

Both manifestations occur at different times in the king’s life. In The Shakespeare Code, The Queen (Angela Please) enters the Globe Theater asking for the head of the Doctor, upset that Lord Time had married her in 1562 before leaving hastily to fight the War of Time. Elizabeth the Younger (Joanna Page) on the special anniversary, where doctors confront the shape-shifting Zygons who have been turned into the queen’s doppelgänger.

Vincent Van Gogh – “Vincent and the Doctor” and “The Pandorica Opens”

While perusing the Musée d’Orsay of the present day, Dr. Eleven (Smith) discovers a strange creature in Vincent Van Gogh (Tony Curran) work, “The Church at Auvers.” He and Amy Bond (Karen Gillan) travel to 1890 to speak to Van Gogh about it, and determine that he was a Krafayis, a foreigner that only a painter could see. To bring Van Gogh out of his deep depression, the doctor takes him to the present to show him how popular he is as an artist.

Van Gogh reappears in “The Pandorica Opens”. Still deeply depressed, the artist has created work showing explosive TARDIS and hidden coordinates that lead them to Pandorica, an ancient prison chest that houses the most terrifying creature in the universe. The Doctor needs to know how Van Gogh learned about the existence of Pandorica and goes on a journey around different locations and timelines to find out.

Agatha Christie – “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

“The Unicorn and the Wasp” covers the period of mystery writing by Agatha Christie’s (Vinella Walgarlife when she disappeared He was found in a hotel, where he was staying under an assumed name with no memory of the past ten days.

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Dr. Ten (Tenant) and his brave companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) They pray the day Christie disappeared and after the investigation A series of murders during a dinner party, sure it was all the work of a giant, shape-shifting alien wasp called Vespiform. In true whodunit style, the destruction of Firestone – the contract that created a telepathic link between Christie and Vespiform – was the cause of Christy’s amnesia. solve the puzzle.

Queen Victoria – “Tooth and Claw”

During her sixty-three-year reign, Queen Victoria (Pauline CollinsHe founded the Torchwood Institute, an organization to investigate foreign threats against the British Empire. At least, that’s what happened in the realm of the universe.

Dr. Ten (Tenant) and Rose Tyler (Billy PiperTravel back to 1879 and meet the Queen on her way to Balmoral Castle. On their travels, they stay at Torchwood House where they are attacked by a werewolf. After killing the monster, Dr. and Rose are awarded a knight as a reward (before their banishment for blasphemy) and the founding of the Torchwood Institute.

Charles Dickens – “The Unquiet Dead” and “The Wedding of River Song”

It’s Christmas Eve in Cardiff, Wales and the British novelist of the nineteenth century Charles Dickens’ (Simon Callo) reading Christmas carol He is interrupted by a revived corpse controlled by Gilth, a kind of bodyless alien. Enter Dr. Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose (Piper) to investigate by séance – something that the science-minded Dickens looks at with suspicion. However, his opinion was changed by the experience and Dickens decided to include it in his last unfinished novel, Edwin Drood’s Secret.

The emergence of a follow-up to Dickens in a dramatically altered alternate universe created by River Song (Alex KingstonHe refused to kill Dr. Eleven (Smith). In this timeline, a pterodactyl flies around London and Winston Churchill is the Holy Roman Emperor. Dickens stuck to the curious topic, appearing in a TV interview to discuss his upcoming Christmas show.

Madame de Pompadour – “The Girl at the Fireplace”

Jean Antoinette Poissonknown formally as Madame de Pompadour and colloquially as Reinette, was a member of the French court in the eighteenth century and Official mistress of King Louis XV of France. Doctor Ten (Tennant) first encounters Reinette (Sophia Miles) when he was seven years old, after climbing through a fireplace time window and destroying the Clockwork Droid hiding under her bed.

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They met again at Reinette’s (Jessica Atkins) the 37th birthday and once again the doctor rescued her from the robotic robots. A romance soon blossomed between her and the handsome ten, culminating in Reinette placing a kiss on the lips of the dreaded Time Lord. The doctor invited a prostitute to join him in the TARDIS but due to the time difference, she died before she could do so.

Winston Churchill – “The Beast BEL”, “Victory of the Daleks”, “The Pandorica Opens”, “The Wedding of River Song”

British Prime Minister During World War II and then again from 1951 to 1955, Winston Churchill (Ian McNeeseHe was an ally of Doctor Eleven (Smith) during his many adventures on Earth. He even had a direct phone line to TARDIS.

Early in season five, the Doctor and Amy (Gillan) respond to a call from Churchill and his visit during the London attack. The Doctor later discovers that Churchill has inadvertently resurrected his old foes, the Daleks who – as always – are bent on destroying the Earth. With the Daleks’ plan thwarted, the Doctor then meets Churchill in the alternate universe created by River Song (Kingston) where the Holy Roman Emperor has been in talks with Cleopatra via social media.

Rosa Parks – “Rosa”

Although the Doctor aimed at present-day Sheffield, the TARDIS had other ideas and instead took Doctor Thirteen (Jodi Whitaker) and her companions to Montgomery, Alabama. It was 1955, the year of seamstress Rosa Parks (Vineet Robinson) She refused to give up her seat for a white man on a separate bus and spurred the American civil rights movement.

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Thirteen and her companions meet with Parks Right before this important bus trip, but you must confront the time-traveling mass murderer, Crasko (Joshua Bowman) who intends to derail history (and the reason why the TARDIS twists it). The episode includes another influential historical figure and Parks’ friend, Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ray Sesay).

Queen Nefertiti – “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”

Neferneferu Aton Nefertiti she was a wife King Akhenaten And perhaps the most famous queen in Egypt. An iconic beauty with more inscriptions surviving on antiquities and other media than other rulers of Egypt, it is believed that Nefertiti ruled equally with her husband and ruled Egypt after his death. Therefore, it is fitting that she is portrayed in the universe with strength and perseverance.

After Dr. Eleven (Smith) rescued Nefertiti (Ryan Steele) people from a swarm of giant locusts follow him to the TARDIS. They soon discover that a 24th century sarcophagus containing dinosaurs is hurtling towards Earth and interfering to stop it. At the end of the adventure, Nefertiti chose to stay in 20th century Africa, explaining why Nefertiti’s tomb or mummy was never discovered.

Nikola Tesla – “Nikola Tesla’s Fright Night”

Destitute and living in a small hotel room in New York City, Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla He spent the last years of his life He touches on mathematical equations and scientific questions in his head.

while Tesla (Goran Fisnic) working at night on his wireless power generator is attacked by an undercover character. Doctor 13 (Whitaker) arrives to save him. Escorting him to his laboratory in New York, they find that he is surrounded by protesters who have been urged to fear the inventor by his rival, Thomas Edison (Robert Glinster). It soon becomes clear that the Queen of Skithra is going after Tesla so that he can repair her damaged ship. The Doctor uses TARDIS to help operate Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, forcing the Skithra to leave Earth.

Mary Shelley – “The Haunting of Villa Diodati”

As the maker of one of the perennial gothic horrors of literature, Frankenstein’s Monster, this is a good fit for that Mary Shelley (Lily Miller) in an episode of Doctor from; Doubly so as she is credited with pioneering science fiction writing. This episode reflects the actual events. When, in 1816, 18-year-old Shelley, and her poet husband Percy Bysshe Shelley (Louis Rainer), the poet is their friend Lord Byron (Jacob Collins Levy) and Byron’s personal physician John Polidori (Maxim BaldriThey gather at Villa Diodati in Switzerland, where they hold a competition to see who can come up with the best ghost story.

Shelley’s story – based on a nightmare he had – was so scary that her friends convinced her to turn it into a novel. And so on,Frankenstein. Or the modern PrometheusBoy. Doctor from He puts his own role on him, as the Thirteenth Doctor (Whitaker) battles a half-mutated Cyberman (Patrick O’Kane) in search of Cyberium, a liquid mineral that contains the collective knowledge of all Cybermen.

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