Dragon Ball: Goku’s Best Outfits

Dragon Ball - Goku's Best Looks

From an innocent kid with a money tail to a martial arts master with golden hair, Goku has changed a lot since then Dragon Ball. As one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of all time, it’s no surprise that the series’ designers have wanted to treat fans with so many cool and fun looks over the years.

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Dragon BallGoku saw dress as an ordinary human, a traditional martial artist, and a Saiyan warrior. Some fans have been a staple of the series, being present for several episodes, while others have disappeared in a flash. As long as they are, here are the best outfits Goku wore throughout the show.

10 Whis Gi

Dragon Ball Super Everyone’s favorite Saiyan with a heart of gold has brought him to new heights of power by teaching him extraordinary techniques such as Ultra Instinct. Before he was ready to take on the best and most daring of any other world in the Tournament of Power, he needed to train, and this is where Whis Gi comes in.

A revolutionary look at Goku’s classic orange look, The outfit features more modern boots than his usual outfit as well as a Whis tag on the front. Given what it means to be trained by an entity as powerful as Whis, Whis Gi is a fashion statement and a threat.

9 Z Gi . end

The end of Z Gi appears as Goku’s last costume at the end of Dragon ball Z It caught the attention of viewers for several reasons. The muted blue and green on this Gi is a far cry from the bold orange and blues for its classic look, which is Fit for a done hero – at least for the time being.

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This Gi carries that tradition forward, and doesn’t stray too far from its classic look, yet the changing color palette is enough to extend the traditional look that feels like the beginning of something new, a nod to Goku’s new and exciting adventures, like Goodbye to what came before.

8 saiyan battle armor

Longtime fans of the series are no strangers to Saiyan Battle Armor. The traditional outfit of the Goku warrior race has appeared on a number of heroes and villains all along dragon ball, The most famous Saiyan prince Vegeta. Although this is his race uniform, Goku only wears it for a brief period during the training arc in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan.

It doesn’t quite suit him, as he screams militarism and aggressiveness – two things that are pretty alien to lovable Goku – but it was exciting for fans to get a glimpse of Goku that would have been.

7 Super Saiyan 4

Each time Goku reaches a new level of Super Saiyan, his appearance changes, whether he grows his hair, turns yellow, or causes a drastic change in his entire appearance. Super Saiyan 4 achievement went to the last road, Radically changing the appearance of the hero.

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Between the bare chest and confident smile, Goku’s Super Saiyan 4’s appearance doesn’t resemble that of a typical hero, but that’s part of what makes it so interesting and so special. This is the leader of the Z Fighters in rare form, and he has an identical look.

6 Zeno

The Xeno costume may be the best mix of old and new that the series has achieved today. It features the back of the Power Pillar as well as the Dragon Ball strapped to the bag next to it, The Xeno costume returns to the adventures of a younger, but no less brave, Goku.

At the same time, the warrior with red color and clean back screams, and when Goku wears the Xeno costume, there’s no doubting the level of training or passion he brings to the battlefield, making Xeno seem one of Goku’s strongest overall.

5 Turtle Gi . School

Turtle School Gi is easily Goku’s most famous appearance. When it comes to Dragon Ball Clothes One doesn’t simply get more classic than Goku’s favorite orange and blue outfit, Which is probably the reason for favoring appearance Dragon Ball fans too.

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Featuring Turtle School Kanji on the front and King Kai’s Kanji on the back, this Gi is a proud reminder of where Goku came from. Turtle School Gi is just as great at looking as good when torn through a fight as when cleaned and pressed.

4 turban rain gear

Despite appearing in only one episode, “Changes,” Goku’s rain gear after the time skip quickly joined everyone’s favorite look list for Goku. The turban, which Mr. Bobo gave to Goku, was fashionable and practical. In addition to looking great, he helped keep his newly elongated hair literally until the show was ready to be revealed to fans.

Turban and Rain Gear captured a whole world of new possibilities for viewing in a single moment, Which makes it worth the wait. It’s a shame that fans only had one episode to appreciate.

3 original gi

The Outfit That Started It All: The Original Goku by Gi Dragon Ball He is just a hair less well known and creative than the orange and blue Turtle School Gi that most people are familiar with. With a white belt and red cuffs It’s a costume that thrives on simple contrasts.

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There’s a youthful simplicity to the original Gi, at least that’s how it feels if we look back decades after it was first shown. The combination of Gi, original Goku and Sky-high Flying Nimbus is the purest distillation of Dragon Ball To many fans.

2 59

The Cell Saga introduced viewers to Appearance 59, the casual outfit that Goku wore during his spare hours. Compared to Gi’s usual choice of armor and fans handled, Appearance 59 was a welcome change.

for one time Viewers can see Goku more relaxed, And getting a closer look at Saiyan’s prodigy when he wasn’t busy kicking aliens in the faces of the alien masters was a much-needed hero rejuvenation, which is part of the reason he continues to appear today.

1 yards

Goku has had mixed results wearing alien armor in the past, but the Yardrate Armor is arguably his best look ever. Unlike the Saiyan Battle Armor, the Yardrat outfit does not look almost bulky on him. Its flowing style, both functional and aesthetic, is a better fit for Goku.

It doesn’t hurt that Yardrat’s armor is Forever linked in the minds of fans with Goku’s mastery of instant transmission, Which makes it not just a fashion statement but an instant reminder of just how powerful the hero has grown over the years.

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