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Warning: SPOILERS for Umbrella Academy Season 2 below.

The origin story of Reginald Hargreeves has been one of Netflix’s ongoing mysteries Umbrella Academy. He adopted 7 of the 43 gifted children born on October 1, 1989, but it turns out there’s something special about him, too. Let’s delve into all that is known about him parachute academy, Why did Reginald Hargreaves come to Earth, and whether or not he came from the future.

Reginald decides to train the children he adopts as superheroes to save the world. Since this was his only mission in life, he worked more as a manager than as a father to his sons. For this reason, most of his children grew up resenting him. Since he had never even come close to the Umbrella Academy, there was a good chance that none of them would know their father’s actual background.

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Monocle is actually an extraterrestrial being masquerading as a wealthy businessman – but why did alien Reginald Hargreaves leave his home planet and head to Earth? The comics shared parts of his original story, but the show is just beginning to explore them. Here’s an in-depth look into the origin story of Reginald Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy And what this show might mean in season three and beyond.

The origin story of Reginald Hargreaves in the comics

The origin story of Reginald Hargreaves from Umbrella Academy The comics of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba remained the same for the Netflix adaptation. His home planet was destroyed by nuclear war, so he traveled to Earth in search of a safe haven in the 20th century. Reginald disguised himself as a human and climbed the ranks of society by becoming a famous scientist, inventor, businessman, and even an Olympic gold medalist. On top of all these accomplishments, he is also known as the “Monocular”, due to the magical monocular ball he wears that allows him to see the true nature of people. He gained enough influence that by the time he adopted the Umbrella Academy kids, he had become a celebrity.

Reginald founded the Umbrella Academy with the goal of assembling a team of superheroes who would one day save the world. While the true meaning of his words was a bit vague, it can be assumed that he was referring to the end of the world in Umbrella Academy Season 1: There are theories surrounding the answers, but it wasn’t entirely clear how Reginald knew that children would become gifted or that the end of the world would come in their lives. But the mystery is a vital part of Reginald’s character that has transitioned into the TV adaptation of Umbrella Academy.

For this reason, only a small part of the origin story of Reginald Hargreaves has been told Umbrella Academy. Although it has now been revealed that he is an alien, Season 3 is sure to take a closer look. The audience simply isn’t meant to understand everything about him. But Umbrella Academy Reginald Hargreaves showed off a great character meant to push the story forward.

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What the first season of The Umbrella Academy revealed about Reginald Hargreaves

Umbrella Academy The first season focuses on the dissolution and reunification of the Umbrella Academy, and Reginald is the cause of both events. Early episodes reveal how cold and distant he is towards his adopted children. He strictly viewed them as tools to stop the apocalypse, so he never showed children an iota of love. But while he may not have loved them the way a father really should, the show hints at the fact that Reginald may have had a hand in making them.

Umbrella Academy The first season finale strongly refers to the fact that comic book fans already know: Reginald is an alien. The episode begins with Reginald saying goodbye to his lover on a foreign planet. As they say their last farewell, Reginald opens a jar of golden orbs that float far in the sky. The scene is interrupted by his arrival on Earth in the 1920s when he prepares to buy the umbrella manufacturing company, which comic fans know made him his fortune.

These golden orbs stimulated a theory about Reginald that has continued to spread ever since Umbrella Academy Season 1 – That Reginald gave the Umbrella Academy their powers. It would be an interesting development that would explain Reginald’s obsession with these 43 children. Finally, the umbrella academy He made only small hints about Reginald’s origins. The show’s second season builds on this foundation to begin putting the puzzle pieces in place. Umbrella Academy Seasons 3 and 4 should reveal more about the origin story of Reginald Hargreaves.

What the Umbrella Academy Season 2 revealed about Reginald Hargreaves

Umbrella Academy Season two takes Umbrella Academy back to the 1960s, where they encounter a younger version of Reginald. The Hargreaves siblings learn something surprising about their father when they finally meet him: that he is actually capable of love. Umbrella Academy The first season introduced the children’s robotic “mother,” Grace. It turns out that the robot was based on an image of a woman that Reginald loved very much in the 1960s. Since Reginald was motivated to create a robotic version of her, it’s safe to assume that their love story ended in tragedy, likely causing him to turn off his ability to express love.

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But Umbrella Academy is still not privy to the most important reveal ever. Many of Umbrella Academy The plot of the second season centers on Reginald’s involvement in the JFK assassination. It was revealed that he was working alongside a top-secret organization known as Majestic 12. Since Reginald did not want to see JFK murdered, he tried to sever ties with the organization. They did not accept it and erred by threatening to reveal his secret. With his back turned to the audience, Reginald takes off a mask to reveal his alien form and slays the 12 Majestic members.

Umbrella Academy He has a way of revealing information about Reginald that only leads to more questions. Reginald is clearly an alien with some kind of power and a heartbreaking past. But the full scope of his origin, and his relationship to the Umbrella Academy, is not yet clear. The end of Season 2 put more emphasis on Reginald for Umbrella Academy third season. When the Hargreeves got back in place in 2019, they created an alternate schedule. Their house was no longer their home, and Reginald was not their father. He adopted another group of talented children instead, and named it the Sparrow Academy.

Where Umbrella Academy Season 3 could take on the origin story of Reginald Hargreaves

Colm Feore as Sir Reginald Hargreaves in Umbrella Academy

With the Season 2 reveal regarding the origin story of Reginald Hargreaves, there are two places Umbrella Academy Season 3 could go on. For those who haven’t read the comics, there are burning questions about why Reginald came to Earth, whether he was a product of time travel, and how his origins will affect the story. Until now, Umbrella Academy He closely followed the comics regarding Reginald. However, the series has been known to deviate from its source, even as those named to the Sparrow Academy – who are only known in the comics as the Sparrows and perform a completely different function – appear. If the show chooses to, then the story of Reginald Hargreaves will follow the comics. This means that Umbrella Academy Season 3 may focus on why Hargreaves came to Earth, once he reveals his strange identity to his “children.” According to the books, Reginald came to Earth when his planet faced a nuclear war during the 20th century, and the rest is ancient history.

But why did Reginald Hargreaves come to Earth? The show’s approach to this mystery is likely to take the lead from the comics. Some people believe that Monocle is from the land of the future, and he went back in time to stop the apocalypse – which is why he started Umbrella Academy in the first place. This can be supported by the fact that he started the Sparrow Academy in their place as soon as he created the Five Kugelblitz with the irony of his time, and thus, may have failed in his mission. However, it is doubtful that Reginald came from the future, and Umbrella Academy The TV show will most likely stick to the comic books in this book.

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It is clear that the intervention of the Umbrella Academy in the 1960s changed the course of Reginald’s life. To fill in the gaps, it’s safe to assume that Umbrella Academy Season 3 will delve into Reginald’s new timeline and the origins of Sparrow Academy. Along the way, the Hargrave siblings may finally learn the truth about their father’s strange origins.

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