Grand Theft Auto 6, Red Dead 3 in the same boat as Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 5

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In the world of video games, anticipation and hype are both a gift and a curse. On the one hand, it sparks innovation and sets a high limit for developers to reach, but on the other hand it can create unrealistic expectations. Some franchises will be subject to waves of anticipation just because of the name they bear. Grand Theft Auto 6 And the Red Dead Redemption 3 These are examples, coming from Rockstar Games – a renowned studio with a legacy of excellence.

The hype surrounding both games is similar to the work of another company. Drops And the Sheikh manuscripts It delivered some of the most beloved open-world games of all time, and while the following entries for each have been confirmed for the near (and distant) future, they’ll undoubtedly take up a lot of Bethesda’s time over the next decade. Grand Theft Auto 6 It might follow in the footsteps of the second highest-grossing video game of all time, but it looks like it won’t be on store shelves for a while.

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Rockstar’s eclectic past in rear view

While it may seem like Rockstar Games is flying higher than ever, it’s all about perspective. Today the company is famous for its work on Red Dead Redemption And the grand theft auto, But this was not always the case. There are many forgotten franchises in the Rockstar catalog, each offering something different for fans of all genres. From linear levels and adult themes of Max Payne to the streets midnight club, There are many great series that have been shelved in pursuit of expanding Red Dead Redemption And the grand theft auto Properties.

This is no different from the situation in Bethesda. While the company still publishes games from the likes of id Software and Arkane Studios, its own business is somewhat of a duo. emphasis fallout 5 after, after Sheikh Scrolls 6 He states that the focus will be on the two most popular franchises. should starfield Proved to be such a hit, it will likely be some time before a supplement is produced – if ever. Games developed by Bethesda often take time, so while each release is a major time inconvenience, it means there is more time for other companies to catch up and even surpass what Bethesda is doing. More ambitious games can be great, but when it comes to the cost of diversity, there’s reason to hesitate.

Bethesda and Rockstar are victims of long periods of evolution

With the development of the game industry, most AAA studios prioritize the scope of the final product over a short development period. first three Unknown Games that were released in the same time period that it took you unknown 4 And the The last of us 2, and it’s clear that the time it takes to release the most high-budget titles is getting longer across all genres and companies. For Rockstar, this change is particularly evident. It’s a leader in presentation, world-building, and storytelling, so by only committing to two franchises in the future, it means fans will have to wait a long time between sequels.

Skyrim Released in 2011, the second part is still in pre-production despite being announced years ago. It will probably be a few more years before that TES6 It pays off, and because Bethesda and Rockstar are so beloved, devoting so many years to a single project is a double-edged sword. Red Dead Redemption 3 And the fallout 5 It is likely even now in the future that it will try to attract a whole new generation of players. More time to work on a good project, but waiting becomes more difficult.

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Bethesda and Rockstar in the Next Generation

While the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain in high demand thanks to ongoing supply issues, looking so far into the future will likely put upcoming Bethesda and Rockstar projects into the production line for the next generation of home consoles. While Grand Theft Auto 6 And the Sheikh Scrolls 6 It will definitely be on existing devices, there are no guarantees that fallout 5 And the Red Dead Redemption 3 To be released before new devices become available. Games released around the time PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were hampered by difficulties upgrading previous generation versions to new hardware, making the smooth transition even more frustrating.

With Bethesda and Rockstar being so ambitious with their shows, it would be a shame to see the likes fallout 5 And the Red Dead Redemption 3 It must be issued on both new and old systems. Red Dead Redemption 2 It worked largely because it didn’t have to cater to PS3 and Xbox 360 fans, and instead could take full advantage of the capabilities of PS4 and Xbox One. Making the latest entries in such high-budget franchises playable on older hardware could be disastrous if Cyberpunk 2077 movieVersioning this is anything to go through (although there are other issues with CD Projekt Red).

While both companies aren’t averse to surprising fans at times, it appears that Rockstar and Bethesda have a pretty unpredictable and rigid few years ahead. Grand Theft Auto 6 And the Sheikh Scrolls 6 next one. Reissues and re-releases of older titles may be on their way to make the long wait more manageable, but the two companies’ commitment to only two franchises is eerily similar. Time will tell if it is a sustainable course of action, and what is more interesting is which developer will come out on top and when fallout 5 And the Red Dead Redemption 3 It will likely arrive in the distant future.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Currently under development.

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