Lauren shows off baby bump in 5-month-old comparison photos

The Fiancé star 90 days pregnant Lauren Pruvarnik wants her fans to guess if she’ll have a boy or a girl this time with husband Alexei Pruvarnik. lovable 90 days fiance Actress Loren Pruvarnik has shared photos that show her baby bump at five months out of all three times she was pregnant. Lauren and her husband Alexei Pruvarnik became famous after their debut 90 days fiance Season 3. Lauren first met Alexei in 2013 during her trip to Israel. Alexei of Ukrainian origin had immigrated to Israel with his…

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Michael Giacchino on watching John Carter and Speed ​​Racer gain fans

Michael Giacchino Talks Lightyear

Michael GiacchinoHe won seven Pixar films – The IncrediblesAnd the ratatouilleAnd the higherAnd the cars 2And the inside outsideAnd the CocoAnd the Incredibles 2 – but no one would prepare him for the unique challenge he faced in his eighth Pixar movie, Light year. Light year Is the movie in the world that would have been an inspiration Toy StoryAndy wants a Buzz Lightyear game. In the movie, Buzz (voiced by Chris Evans) makes a devastating decision that leaves his crew of more than 1,000 scientists and technicians stranded on…

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8 things fans want to see in a Super Mario movie


Given the amazing global popularity of Super Mario The video game franchise, it’s hard to believe the world has made it wait until 2023 to get… Super Mario Bros Film (except for the horrible 1993 live-action movie Super Mario Bros which had surprisingly little connection to Mario games). RELATED: ‘The Mario Movie’ to ‘Mission Impossible 7’: 10 big movies delayed until 2023 The excitement for the upcoming animated movie subsided somewhat when some questionable casting choices were announced. This does not mean that the entire roster of actors worries fans.Anya…

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Overwatch coins will convert to Overwatch 2, Loot Boxes will be unlocked automatically

GameRevolution logo

When Overwatch 2 launches in Early Access in October, Overwatch Coins will carry over to the new game. Players were worried that their current coins would become obsolete, but it seems that the only thing that will completely disappear are loot chests, which will automatically open to players before launch day. Overwatch coins roll into Overwatch 2 Existing Overwatch Coins such as Credits, OWL Tokens and Competitive Points with players will be transferred to Overwatch 2 according to Commercial Monitoring Command John Spector. The question was asked during a Reddit…

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Firefly star Nathan Fillion if he’s still working with Joss Whedon

Firefly star Nathan Fillion is once again addressing a possible revival and whether he’ll work with Joss Whedon again following his disagreements. firefly Leader Nathan Fillion opens up about his experience with Joss Whedon on the set and whether or not he will ever work with the director again. The science fiction adventure series appeared in 2002 and ran for only one season before its sudden cancellation. However, it soon became a sensation. Followed by Creator Whedon in the 2005 movie SerenityWhich was the last time the world saw the…

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What is the sleep mode in Messenger Kids? How to use it

Child using phone

Messenger Kids is a popular app for kids to connect with friends and family. This app is designed to give parents full control over their children’s Messenger account and the ability to check their online status. Messenger Kids also offers a sleep mode to help limit the time kids spend using the app. Here’s what you should know about the feature and how to enable it via your computer or smartphone. What is the sleep mode in Messenger Kids? Over the years, adding new controls on Messenger Kids has helped…

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 crosses $400 million at the global box office


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 exceeded $400 million globally. The film was released on April 8, and has grossed over $190 million on the domestic front and over $209 million internationally. Directed by Jeff Fowler, follows Sonic, who is determined to prove he has what it takes to be a true hero. His chance comes when Dr. Robotnik with a new partner (and a familiar face to fans of the franchise), Knuckles. Together, they are on a quest for a mystical emerald that can destroy civilizations. Sonic gets a friend in…

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Faith Hill ‘Grossed Out’ by Taylor Sheridan’s request for ‘1883’


Dedicated actors try to be as original as possible when taking on a role. Some learn a skill like Mahershala Aliwho learned to play the piano green book or Natalie Portman, who learned ballet black Swan. Other actors choose to physically alter themselves for a role. Christian Bell Shed 60 pounds for his role in American Psycho While Renee Zellweger Gain EGP 30 for Bridget Jones Diaryalthough she opted for prosthetics and a fat suit when she recently played the titular role in thing about bam. Related: Do The thing…

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Between Us: The Cosmicube Guide


Cosmicubes, sometimes referred to as “Cosmic Cubes”, is a small game in Between us Which allows players to unlock new cosmetic items for their character. Each has different cosmetics, and some tubes of Cosmicubes can be had for a limited time only. Cosmicubes work a little differently than the loot systems in other games, so it may take a little getting used to. TODAY’S VIDEO THEGAMER Related Topics: Best Hidden Role Games Like the rest of the cosmetic elements in Among Us, it has no actual effect on the gameplay.…

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Season 3 of the Righteous Gems begins production

The much-anticipated third season of HBO’s hit black comedy series The Righteous Gemstones has officially begun production. Good gems Season 3 production has officially begun. The HBO black comedy series revolves around widower and giant church leader Dr. Ellie Jameson (John Goodman) and his three children, Kelvin (Adam Devine), Jodi (Eddie Patterson), and Jesse (Danny McBride). The industrial satire of Mega Church was created by McBride, who also co-created the HBO series east and down And the Deputy Directors with his colleague Valid gemstones Actress Judy Hill. Currently, HBO It…

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