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Cosmicubes, sometimes referred to as “Cosmic Cubes”, is a small game in Between us Which allows players to unlock new cosmetic items for their character. Each has different cosmetics, and some tubes of Cosmicubes can be had for a limited time only. Cosmicubes work a little differently than the loot systems in other games, so it may take a little getting used to.


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Like the rest of the cosmetic elements in Among Us, it has no actual effect on the gameplay. Owning a fully unlocked Cosmicube won’t give you any better chance of winning – it just guarantees that you’ll look good doing it.

How to unlock Cosmicubes

Cosmicubes tubes are available from the store, and can be accessed from the Between Us title screen. They’re under the Cosmicubes tab, which It looks like four boxes arranged in a box. Once you purchase Cosmicube, it will be yours forever, even if Cosmicube is removed from the Store at a later time. This means that You can buy Cosmicube for a limited time when it’s available and take your time to unlock it – Once you buy it, there is no need to rush.

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Myra Cosmicop Available for free to all players – you can unlock it right away from the store and activate it right away. Most other Cosmicubes can be purchased with either Beans – which are earned through play – or Stars, which are purchased with real money. Occasionally promotional Cosmicubes are available via a redeemable code, but this is only for special occasions.

How does Cosmicubes work

Once you own one or more Cosmicubes, you can choose one to activate. Only one Cosmicube can be activated at a time, but you can freely deactivate an existing Cosmicube and activate a new one. It’s better overall Pick one from Cosmicube and stick with it until you get the items you want From it, but there’s nothing stopping you from switching to a new Cosmicube for a few games to try.

When Cosmicube is activated, you will earn Pods for Cosmicube every time you play a match. Capsules cannot be switched between Cosmicubes tubes – eg, Mira Pods can only be used with Mira Cosmicube, Polus Pods can only be used with Polus Cosmicube. Any pods you’ve stored for your current Cosmicube are saved if you switch to a different Cosmicube, so don’t worry about spending them all before switching; They will be there when you get back.

In the Cosmicube menu, you can use Pods to open tiles along multiple paths. You can only spend capsules on tiles connected to an already open tile, so your options will be limited when you first open a particular Cosmicube. Opening a box containing an item will permanently add that item to your account. Thats all about it! By knowing the items you want and Plan the fastest route through your Cosmicube trailsYou’ll have your character fully decorated in no time at all!

Mira Cosmicube Guide

Since every player always has access to the Mira Cosmicube, you can use this guide to plan your way to the cosmetics you want.

left side

makeup Writes Prerequisites cost of pods
Cell got to do weapons name plate no one 50
Wood you look at it name plate Cell got to do weapons 50
Hazmate (red) leather Cell got to do weapons 150
Hazmate (white) leather Hazat (red) 150
Toxin block (white) mask Hazmate (white) 75
Hazmate (black) leather Hazmate (red) 150
Detox block (black) mask Hazmate (black) 75
Poison block (red) mask Hazmate (red) 75
Hazmate (blue) leather Poison block (red) 150
Hazmate (pink) leather Hazmate (blue) 150
Block Toxix (Pink) mask Hazmate (pink) 75
Hazmate (green) leather Hazmate (blue) 150
Toxin block (green) mask Hazmate (green) 75
Block Toxix (Blue) mask Hazmate (blue) 75
Important documents hat Block Toxix (Blue) 100
pass card (blue) mask Important documents 75
pass card (red) mask pass card (blue) 75
head in the clouds hat Important documents 100
Bushfriend a pet head in the clouds 300

the right side

makeup Writes Prerequisites cost of pods
slippery when wet (blue) hat no one 100
Today’s menu: pizza juice name plate slippery when wet (blue) 50
peach drink hat Today’s menu: pizza juice 100
Greatest Headphone (Yellow) hat Today’s menu: pizza juice 100
Greatest Headphone (Pink) hat Greatest Headphone (Yellow) 100
greatest headset (blue) hat Greatest Headphone (Pink) 100
Who is Karma anyway? name plate Greatest Headphone (Yellow) 50
the sky below name plate Who is Karma anyway? 50
sneaky leather Who is Karma anyway? 150
one in hand hat sneaky 100
unique sample hat one in hand 100
vine only vine hat sneaky 100
exotic flower (red) hat vine only vine 100
exotic flower (blue) hat exotic flower (red) 100
work skirt (blue) leather sneaky 150
work skirt (aqua) leather work skirt (blue) 150
work skirt (tan) leather work skirt (blue) 150
glasses mask work skirt (blue) 75

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