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Some side quests in Cyberpunk 2077 movie Not listed on the map. Nobody calls you on the phone or sends you an encrypted message. For these side quests, you have to randomly bump into a stranger. Sometimes this stranger is a talking vending machine, sometimes a monk.


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While you are walking around the streets and getting your hands dirty, you may have found a monk sitting in a park. It points at you, shows you a mind, and disappears. This is not just one task and done. You will end up stumbling upon it again more than once. You’re supposed to feel as though he knows exactly when to pop up and is completely random, but in reality he isn’t. Go out of your way to find all his locations and complete every mission he has to offer in zen training.

Updated June 21, 2022 by Ben Jesse: While Cyberpunk 2077’s launch was notoriously bad, the game has steadily improved over time. Several patches appeared and fixed many problems with the game.

As such, many players may have decided to try the title or a second chance in some cases. And while doing so, they might have come across the Zen Master mission. It’s a simple set of tasks in concept, but finding a monk for each meditation session isn’t easy. That’s why we made this guide, and now we’ve updated it to make everything more clear.

Should you pay the monk?

Before meeting the monk, you should know that each session includes a conversation about payment. He does not ask for any money. The man simply says that you can Pay any amount you see fitincluding none.

Your actual in-game choices are “nothing” or a specific amount chosen by the game. You may be wondering whether it is important to pay or not. the answer is no, where the task is performed the same way in both cases. The only thing that changes is the number of vortices you have.

Imagine – Corpo Plaza

The first task that the Zen Master has to offer is called Imagine. None of his mission markers will be displayed on the map until you hit him. To find it, you have to travel to the Corpo Plaza neighborhood.

There will be an area under the roads full of greenLike a city park. As shown in the image above, this site is on the edge of the area. Walk through this park until you find him sitting on a bench.

  • The nearest fast travel station is Reconciliation Park

This first mind revolves around appreciating the Earth element. In it, you will see a forest. Hear the chirping of birds and feel the sunshine. These brains don’t allow you to skip, transition into picture mode, or any other type of interaction. The Zen Master doesn’t want V to pause and take a deep breath, but the game also wants the player to.

Ladder to Heaven – Japantown

His next location will be in southeast Japantown. Where the blue marker on the map in the image above is where the Zen Master will be.

This is a little corner of the city Filled with only a few shops and people hang out and relax. The Zen Master would sit among them.

  • The nearest fast-travel station is Redwood Market

This is the second time you receive it from the mind, and in this, it looks like you are in a similar forest, but this time there is a waterfall in front of you. Here you should thank the water element. In this mind everything is still fresh, only the V and the waterfall.

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Atoms Poems – North Oak

The Zen Master will now travel to North Oak. You can travel between these locations instantly because it will spawn there immediately after giving you the mind. North Oak seems like an expensive hill in Hollywood a little far from Night City.

The big North Oak logo is on a circular road. The Zen Master will perform some meditative dance in the middle of this roundabout. The Epistrophy Quest will be active here as well.

  • The nearest fast travel stop is Redwood Market or Columbarium

In this third mind, the Zen Master wants you to thank the fire element. Here, again, you are in the same forest, but now there will be a campfire in front of you. The fire roars and you can feel the heat of not only the campfire but also the sun.

Meetings Along the Edge – Rancho Coronado

Last but not least, Zen Master’s latest location. The last time you’ll see him. This location is remote, overlooking beyond the city. You should go through Rancho Coronado, to the edge as in the photo above.

You must walk along this desert mountain. There is only one stop for express travel in the middle of the road; You have to go the rest of the way. The Zen Master will sit on a ledge, and take in the view.

  • The nearest fast travel stop is Tama Viewpoint

For this last training and reflection, you appreciate the element of air. This is why you are on top of a cliff overlooking the city. Nothing but meeting you in the sky and the air. After completing this final meditation and giving thanks for all the elements, the Zen Master will leave. But this time, he left behind valuable things for you.

Once he leaves, Johnny will sit next to you instead, and exchange his opinions on the matter as usual. Zen Master drops items by your side, including altar Immediately acquired, you will be instantly equipped in Apartment V above the foot of your bed. You will also receive Two pieces of literature, so that V continues to learn more about meditation and appreciation. These are titled Beelzebub’s Tales of His Grandson and the Teachings of the Temple – Excerpts.

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