We Tried Apple’s Wicked Fast M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch — Here’s What We Think After A Week

Jacob Kroll, Jacob Kroll

Apple’s latest laptop is a familiar device with a new processor inside to speed up your macOS experience. The MacBook Pro 13 inch Ready to order starting at $1,299 and arriving this Thursday, June 24, 2022. I spent a week with this laptop that I use every day for work and play.

It’s basically a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but the new M2 chip inside — even with the base 8GB of RAM — gives you plenty of speed to switch between apps, forget to close them, and extend battery life for more than a day.

The rest is familiar, so if you’re looking for a fancy new color, a wide screen, or the return of the MagSafe cable, you’ll want to wait for the new MacBook Air next month. But don’t count on the 13-inch Pro, let’s unpack this Mac laptop very quickly.

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Apple M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch Specifications

Business as usual…just faster

Likes MacBook Air M1 2020 Or the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, the headline here isn’t necessarily about the technical bits of the new M2 chip. Yes, it has more transistors and is still super efficient, but the real appeal is that macOS and whatever apps you use will fly on MacBook Pro 13 inch.

I can often leave Chrome open with 25+ tabs, messages, Slack, Pixelmator Pro, Calendar, Music, and Numbers open without any concerns about laptop hiccups or slowdowns. Likewise, if you have to quickly export and upload a hundred-page document to get a quick email, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has just 8GB of RAM to get the job done quickly.

And with the word “Pro” in the name of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, you’ll likely be here to do some video and photo editing. In my testing, I can quickly export a 4K video horizontally to YouTube or vertically for a high-yield TikTok or Reel with a bunch of graphics on top and transitions in Final Cut Pro. I didn’t even hear the fans kick it until over 30 minutes after an entire movie or 20-minute 8K project filmed in Galaxy S22 Ultra. Filmed in 4K on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The point is, the M2 chip is likely to be more than enough for your workloads. It’s a solid leap over the M1 chip, which was launched only a year and a half ago in 2020 MacBook Airand the 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

It is a leap over previous Intel Mac laptops and desktops. Portable models do not heat up, slow down, or die after only a few hours. So, if you’re stuck with one of those, now is the time to move to a newer Mac. You also won’t find hiccups regarding apps that don’t work on Apple Silicon devices. And if you can stand up to an app designed for Intel, Apple handles the heavy lifting and makes it easy to work on MacBook Pro 13 inch.

Jacob Kroll, Jacob Kroll

(Jacob Kroll)

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Battery life for days

The 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 maintains the same battery as the M1 variant but is able to extend it for much longer. I could easily spend a day and a half working on this 13 inch laptop. Even in the days when there was a bevy of video calls and tons of writing and photo editing.

Apple estimates you’ll get 17 hours of web browsing and 20 hours of video playback. In my test — the full results of which you can see on TheStreet — it came close to 18 hours of use spread over two days of work and over 23 hours on the Battery Run test. You can also expect a file MacBook Pro 13 inch So that it does not lose power during sleep and lasts for several days in standby mode.

When it’s time to charge, you’ll have to use one of the two USB-C ports. And unfortunately, no, the cool MagSafe port is not added here. So you’ll still need to keep an eye on the cord while you’re in the coffee shop or spending an entire night in the library to make sure the cord doesn’t fray. You also can’t quickly charge your 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Familiar building

So no, Apple hasn’t redesigned the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Instead, it’s an update by swapping the M1 processor inside for an M2 processor. Not all news is bad. A laptop that still looks very modern from the outside.

You can still get it in silver or space gray, and regardless of color, the 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs 3 pounds and is 0.61 inches thick. So it’s not as thin or light as M1 or M2 MacBook Air. Instead of a wedge design, it’s the same thickness all around. There are two USB-C ports on the left, and a headphone jack — yes, a headphone jack — on the right side of the MacBook Pro.

Once you lift it up, you’ll see the classic 13.3-inch Retina display with black bezels. It shows its age a little, that is, with a very large frame over the top. Yes, it does lend itself to a 720p FaceTime camera, but it’s still just a pinhole lens. It’s also not 1080p but still good for PhotoBooth sessions or video calls on services like Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx or FaceTime. It’s not very grainy, and as long as you have good lighting, it will show nicely the visible person.

Jacob Kroll, Jacob Kroll

(Jacob Kroll)

The 13.3-inch Retina display is still lifelike and could fit into many other modern laptops. I particularly like True Tone, which uses an ambient light sensor to adjust the tone to match the space in your room. It makes it easier on your eyes, especially for longer uses. You can also use a file MacBook Pro Under direct fluorescent light without becoming blurry and use it outside in direct sunlight with 500 nits brightness. After several years of working remotely, it’s a good idea to work from a coffee shop, park, or patio without fears of seeing the screen — or running out of battery.

It’s great to indulge yourself in a TV show like KenobiAnd the Ted Lassoor Kardashians, thanks to the ability to connect headphones, connect wirelessly, or use the built-in stereo speakers. The latter is very rich and brittle but will not completely fill the room.

There’s another screen here too – the Touch Bar is a numeric row of function keys inside the Magic Keyboard. It’s been phased out in Apple’s MacBook family except for the 13-inch, and while it’s not universally loved, it’s here and has some fun use cases.

For those who frequent messages, you can use it to select predictive words to easily respond or swipe to find the perfect emoji. In Photos, you can scroll through an album or timeline. And some apps have specific shortcuts built into them.

The rest of the writing and control experience he is Most popular worldwide. The Magic Keyboard was a huge upgrade over the previous butterfly keys, with keys that provide plenty of navigation when you press down to type. It will reappear with a fade and make the typing experience active. You’ll find plenty of room between the keys, making accidental keypresses a thing of the past. You also get a physical ESC key and Touch ID sensor for easy sign-in and authentication of purchases.

Jacob Kroll, Jacob Kroll

(Jacob Kroll)

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Apple update MacBook Pro 13 inch It is a nice idea that focuses on improving your ability to do things and gives you more speed. It’s an update, but it’s not that expensive because it’s the same starting price of $1,299. And whether you want a MacBook Pro or just want a laptop that can go further, this 13-inch MacBook Pro is worth a look. If you want a classic design or the MacBook Pro you grew up on, that’s the model, too.

If you’re looking for a new look or a truly portable experience at 2.6 pounds, the M2 MacBook Air is $1,199 — $100 less — and arriving next month, July 2022. You can read our hands-on machine with this hereAnd we’ll come back with a full review on that as soon as we can get one in-house.

One last thought, if you currently have an M1 Mac laptop – Air or Pro – there is no need to rush out and upgrade to the M2. But if you’re using an older model from Intel, you’ll be set for a truly real and next-level experience.

Jacob Kroll, Jacob Kroll

(Jacob Kroll)

How much does a 13-inch MacBook Pro cost?

The MacBook Pro 13 inch Ready to order starting at $1,299.

When did the 13-inch MacBook Pro come out?

Available starting Thursday, June 24, 2022.

Is the 13-inch MacBook Pro really a 13-inch?

yes! Your new MacBook Pro will fit perfectly in a 13-inch laptop sleeve or bag.

Is the MacBook 13 Pro touch-enabled?

there Touch ID sensor for easy login and authentication of purchases, Touch Bar which is a numeric row of function keys inside the Magic Keyboard.

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