5 times in history that directly affected the “Star Wars” universe

The original UK poster for the film 'Star Wars' in 1977

Although it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the star Wars The franchise draws many parallels with the history of our galaxy. In an interview with Boston Globe in 2005creator George Lucas He said the inspiration for the original film “…came from our literary history, our social history, like robots and so on. Part of it is based on mythological motifs. Politics is based on history. There is a lot of cultural reality that is not necessarily scientific but more social.”

RELATED: 10 Horrors of War Filmed in the ‘Star Wars’ Epic Historical events have always influenced the arts and entertainment, from Shakespeare to the modern era, and star Wars is no exception. Epic and sci-fi space operas, which have grown into a multimedia franchise, have always been influenced by political and historical events. Growing up in post-World War II America, George Lucas has been hugely influenced by the changing world around him, an influence that has carried over greatly into his beloved space saga.

Galactic Empire vs Rebel Alliance

The primary conflict of the original trilogy is the Rebel Alliance versus the Galactic Empire. The resistance movement consists of largely untrained rebels spread across the galaxy against an organized unit of soldiers and tactics. Forced to plan and organize undetected by the Empire, the Rebel Alliance found its roots during the Clone Wars. It grew into a major operation in its own right through the conclusion of the original trilogy. The allegorical story of David and Goliath is familiar in history. The American Revolution, the Serbian Revolution, and the Haitian Revolution are examples of this. However, it was the Vietnam War where George Lucas found inspiration.

Talking to Chicago Tribune in 2005Lucas revealed, “It was really about the Vietnam War, and that was the period when Nixon was trying to run for office.” [second] The term that led me to think historically of how democracies turn into dictatorships? Because democracies have not been overthrown; They have been given away. Lucas saw this initial inspiration come alive Revenge of the Sith, when Palpatine refused to relinquish power, turning the Galactic Republic into a galactic empire. Lucas hasn’t gotten out of how his personal beliefs have shaped our world star Warstalking to James Cameron at 2018 interview with AMC The inspiration for the rebels, including their combat tactics, was the Viet Cong. He said, referring to the American Revolution, “We are fighting the largest empire in the world…and it was the same with the Vietnamese. The irony of this is that both, the little ones won.”

Emperor Palpatine

It should come as no surprise that the manipulative Emperor Palpatine, who caused the galaxy to turn to the dark side, was heavily inspired by dictators and rulers throughout history. Palpatine’s success as a politician comes from his ability to influence those around him. By hiding his true hand from his enemies and allies, he appears to be a benevolent leader who looks out for his people’s interest when he has been holding the strings all along.

RELATED: Why Midi-Chlorians Actually Work in Prequels Although many have seen comparisons with dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, it was the US president who sparked the idea. At a 1981 conference, when asked about Palpatine’s origins, Lucas said, “…He was a politician. Richard M. Nixon was his name. He sabotaged the Senate and finally took the reins and became an imperial man, and he was really nasty. But he pretended to be a really nice guy” .

space battles

Some of the most exciting scenes in star Wars Galactic space battles are between good and evil. From the first air battle in A New hope to more complex scenes in Heavenly RiseDog fights have become one of the most awaited action scenes in the series, and may come second only to the lightsaber fight. While conflict in space may not be something we’ve seen in our lives, the idea of ​​aerial combat isn’t entirely new.

World War I and World War II changed the landscape of modern warfare forever. With the added technology of heavy machinery, aircraft quickly found their way to the front lines in the early 1900s. The concept of fighting wars on earth and in the sky has also found its way star WarsThe fierce battles of the world wars were the inspiration behind them. Lucas even sneaked some of the vehicle’s architectural features into his series, most notably with the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit inspired by the nose of the B-29 bomber.

Darth Vader’s army

One of the most remarkable comparisons to real history in star Wars They are the soldiers working for the Empire: the Stormtroopers. Contracted to phase out old and expensive clones, Stormtroopers were recruited and trained shortly after Order 66. The concept of Stormtroopers allowed the Empire to protect their assets throughout the galaxy and also instill loyalty to the organization they operate in. Although they might lack a decent aim, the Storm Soldiers were ruthless towards those who refused to ally with the Empire.

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Stormtroopers in star Wars Share their names with members of the Sturmabteilung in Nazi Germany. Real Stormtroopers employed similar tactics to their fictional counterparts, in uniform and intimidating political opponents with marches and public rallies. Director JJ Abrams He carried Lucas’ inspiration in the sequel trilogy, using what happened to many Nazi Party members after World War II as a first-rate springboard. Talking to Empire magazine in 2015 Abrams said, “This all got out of the conversations about what would have happened if the Nazis had all gone to Argentina but then started working together again?” What can be generated from it?

death star

The devastation that the Death Star could have loomed over the entirety of the original trilogy. From revealing the empire’s secret superweapon to destroying the second iteration in Return of the JediThe ability of a Death Star to destroy an entire planet from its core has never been seen in the galaxy before. But for us on Earth, this was nothing new, as it was a little more than three decades ago that New hopeWe’ve seen a similar death.

The Manhattan Project confirmed that humanity was capable of creating atomic weapons. When US forces dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, nearly 200,000 people were killed or wounded. Fallout and exposure caused many diseases in the following years, making it difficult to determine the exact number of victims. While the bombs ended World War II, they left irreparable scars on the lives they changed and the homes they destroyed; Wasn’t it reflected in Princess Leia Organa who witnessed the destruction of her home planet Aldera in New hope.

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