Core Keeper: The Complete Farming Guide

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One of the first things you will need to do when exploring a new world in it kernel guard You start a farm to grow food. With a handful of seeds collected from nearby caves, you can finally create anything from a humble garden to sprawling fields. You can even create a monster farm to easily obtain chemical ingredients with little risk!

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With this guide, you will get all the knowledge you need to create a cave farm capable of feeding all your underground adventures. Almost any vegetarian dish or magic potion can be made from these easy-to-produce ingredients.

As of the date this article was published, kernel guard Still in early access. The information in this guide may be subject to change as more content is added to the game.

Updated on June 23, 2022 by Matt Arnold: The Sunken Sea update adds new crops and huts, expanding your farming operations! We have added these new items to the directory.

Gardening Basics

Use your explorer to grow and harvest plants gardening skill, which unleashes the talents that make farming more efficient. Each harvested plant earns points towards the next talent point (TP) in gardening, so it can be beneficial You grow more food than you need. At worst, you always can selling surplus production Or meals to merchants for a few extra old coins.

To grow a plant, you will need three things; a shovel To plow the soil, a seeds for plantingand irrigation plate to feed crops.

pressing Secondary action button Equipped with a shovel tiling target tiles, which makes it able to maintain a crop. Plowing the same square again will return it to its original condition.

When you are plowing the tiles you plan to use for gardening, Prepare the seeds you want to plant And tap the secondary action button that targets the plowed tiles. To speed things up, you can simply Keep pressing the button while moving. The explorer will only plant seeds in a plowed tile, so the seeds will not be lost if you target an unplowed tile.

If you put the wrong type of seed on a slab or decide that you don’t want to plant a seed, you can Dig back-up planted seeds with a shovel or un-plowing the soil with a shovel. As long as the seed has not started to grow, it will come out of the ground and can be returned to your stock.

When you sow your seeds, Equip your watering can And tap the secondary action button while targeting each ranked tile to water it. Plants will not grow until they are watered but Each seed needs water only once. If your irrigation runs out of water, it can be refilled Use it on any watercolor tile. For this reason, it is best to garden near a source of water, no matter how small.

Once watered, The seeds will be fully grown after ten minutes. After this time has passed, you can harvest the plant. Each plant you harvest has a seventy-five percent chance of producing a fresh seed of the same variety, which you can use to replant the crop.

Plants grow only in The right type of soil for their species. This is the same floor tiles that you find growing in the wild.

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All kinds of seeds

Gardening is beneficial for more than just food, as important raw materials can also be grown from seeds. Remember that Plant rootstocks away from the rest of your gardenBecause roots can outgrow your crops if you’re away for too long.

seed fruit Soil Effects
root seeds Wood dirt
  • When the plant is fully grown, the roots will branch out in all four cardinal directions.
  • The roots can be harvested for wood.
  • Root plants will continue to grow and regrow until the central root (indicated by green leaves) is destroyed.
glow tulip seeds tulip glow dirt
  • Produces the glow of a ripe lily a small amount of light even picked it up.
  • Glow Tulips provide little nutritional value, but eating them or eating meals that contain them will cause your explorer to do so glow temporarilyProvide a dim light source.
Heart Berry Seeds Berry heart dirt
  • Mulberry heart is Decent emergency source of food and HP eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared from the heart of berries Temporarily increase your maximum HP.
pepper seed bomb pepper bomb dirt
  • Raw pepper bomb make your own explorer Take 11 damage if ingested.
  • Meals prepared with Bomb Peppers Temporarily increase your movement speed,
Kapok caterpillar seeds the basic dirt
  • Fibers are used in many crafting projects, Especially the shields.
Karouk seeds Karouk pebble
  • Carrocks are a Decent emergency source of food and HP eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Carrocks Temporarily increase your shield.
Oat seed bloat oat bloat dirt
  • Puff oats are a type of oatmeal Decent emergency source of food and HP eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared from oats bloat Greatly restores your foodhelping you to keep your Well Fed bonus.
fennel seeds puffingy musty
  • Raw puffer makes your own explorer Take 23 damage if ingested.
  • Meals prepared with fungi Minimize the damage you take from bosses.
coral seeds Coral Wood beach sand
  • When fully grown, coral seeds will spawn in all four cardinal directions.
  • Coral can be harvested for Coral Wood, which is pink in color and can be used for advanced crafting.
  • The coral will continue to grow until the central plant is destroyed.
pineapple seeds pineapple beach sand
  • Raw pine fruits are a A decent emergency source for food and health when eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Pinegrapple Temporarily increases melee damage.
biopaya seeds Beopaya beach sand
  • Raw Pewpayas are A decent emergency source for food and health when eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Pewpaya Significantly increase your damage temporarily.

gardening talents

Every five rows in the Gardening skill unlock a talent point. Each talent can have up to five TP invested in it, with each TP increasing the bonus awarded from that talent.

Most talents have prerequisites. To invest TP in talent, At least one of the core talents must have five full TPs already invested.

talent Prerequisites Bonus for every TP
Grateful gardener
  • Increases the chance of harvesting seeds with the plant Five percentage points.
Eat your vegetables!
  • Recovery Five percent more than food When eating vegetarian meals (raw or cooked).
Bottomless water canister
  • Every irrigation use can have Ten percent chance From not consuming water.
razor blades
  • Your critical hit deal Five percent of the damage.
Encapsulated poisonous weapons
  • Your attacks have a Five percent chance to poison the target.
  • Poisoned enemies receiving healing only a quarter It is usually healed (this bonus does not increase with TP).
prickly skin or
  • Enemies who hit you with melee attack Take damage of ten spines.
gardener expert or
  • Every crop you sow Three percent chance To grow a golden crop whose features (positive and negative) are enhanced compared to the basic version.
strong poison or
  • Deal your attacks Five percent of the damage To poison enemies.

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monster farm

By covering the ground in spawn tiles, you can cause monsters to appear in your base. Building a fence with walls or fences allows you to safely contain breeding enemies until it is time to slaughter them.

It is recommended to fence over the wall as much as possible Attacking or shooting over fencesallowing you to harvest your aggressive livestock without bouncing.

The More generated tiles are concentrated in one areaThe faster enemies will spawn.

tile generator monster(s) joint return(s) Uses
ground mud
  • Slime is one of the ingredients in most doses in Alchemy Workbench.
fungal soil
  • Wild mushrooms will also grow on fungal soils, making it a low-risk way to get early ingredients.
  • Larva
  • big caterpillar
  • caterpillar cocoon
  • caterpillar meat
  • Fiber (cocoon only)
  • Larva meat is used in anger potions.
  • Meals cooked with fry meat Temporarily increased critical hit rate.
stone moose
  • caving
  • brute caving
  • Caving Shaman
  • Cavelings can fall off A variety of useful items.
  • Stone Moss farm is the best Fully enclosed with walls and doorbecause shamans can shoot over fences.
lash mousse
  • Caffling gardener
  • Caving Hunter
  • The original Cavelings are located in the Wildlands of Azeos Variety of useful items.
  • Lush Moss farm is the best Fully enclosed with walls and doorwhere Caveling Hunters can shoot over fences.
Earth’s poisonous slime
  • Poison Slime is an ingredient at most doses in the distillation table.
  • Infected Cavelings rarely fall off mold ring And the mold vein necklaceTwo-piece equipment set.
  • Equipping both items makes your own explorer Immune to mold infection.
  • Farming Infected Cavelings are the safest and most effective way to grind these useful accessories.
slippery ground slime
  • Slippery Slime is used in Advanced potion formulation on the drip table.

Mold is also the soil used to grow fennel. Don’t worry – mold has been plowed up by a shovel Infected contaminants will not spawn So your garden will not overshoot your base.

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