How to transport FFXIV characters to new worlds and data centers

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can use Square Enix’s World Home Transfer Service to transfer their characters between servers. Here’s how to use it.

Final Fantasy XIV Quite possibly the biggest MMORPG in the world right now, but for some players, moving their characters to new worlds and data centers could be an excellent way to avoid server congestion and login queues. When Endwalker The expansion was released in December 2021, as crowded servers with long-time login queues of thousands of players forced Square Enix to suspend sales to avoid further taxing the game’s servers. While Final Fantasy XIV’ gameThe situation has improved since the game is still very popular, and players looking for a smoother experience can take advantage of character transfers.

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Final Fantasy XIV Currently offering character transfers between the game’s Home Worlds servers through the Home World Transfer Service. This allows players to apply to transfer characters to different servers. Square Enix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso planning to roll out a Data Center Travel system with patch 6.18 on July 5th, allowing players to visit worlds in other data centers within their existing account area. However, using the Home World Transfer Service requires players to jump through several hoops and can cost money, though Final Fantasy XIV Offers free login information to returning players for a limited time.

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Players using the Service must read the various ratings applicable to it Final Fantasy XIVhome worlds. The home worlds are categorized in one of four ways: standard worlds Inhabited by a manageable number of player characters, crowded worlds As the number of players increases, favorite worlds As the number of players decreases, the new worlds Recently added to Final Fantasy XIV. The ranking affects aspects of the conversion process, such as fees payable and bonuses. Players who teleport characters to new or favorite worlds will receive special rewards for their characters. Most importantly, transfers from crowded realms to favorite worlds or between non-new and new worlds are free.

Use the home transfer service from the world of Final Fantasy XIV

Unfortunately, players cannot simply click some buttons and immediately go back to start Final Fantasy XIVOmega: Missions Beyond the Rift. Instead, players have to follow four steps to complete the process. The first is to confirm their eligibility to transfer, and Square Enix has a comprehensive list of requirements players need to meet. Player Characters:

  • It is not possible to sign up for a free company, get a free company petition, sign a free company petition, or apply to join a free company.
  • You cannot have items for sale in the market.
  • It is not possible to make reservations for the Communion Ceremony or receive a blank invitation for the upcoming Communion Ceremony.
  • You cannot have Calamity Salvager trusted items
  • Any servants carried over from 1.0 . must be rehired
  • Links cannot function.
  • Optional items from the online store must be redeemed from Delivery Moogle.

There are also additional requirements for players participating in Final Fantasy XIVThe housing market in:

  • A character must relinquish ownership of any land, property, or residence unless they are transferred to a new world or from a crowded realm to a preferred world.
  • Some campaigns have specific ownership requirements. In these cases, the land or residences will be automatically ceded, existing properties will be demolished, and the player will be compensated with a maximum of 999,999,999 generations.
  • Character housing lottery entries will be voided without a refund, and characters will not be able to enter a new sweepstakes until a new sweepstakes entry period begins. Returning to the world of the former homeland before the end of the lottery period will return it to its previous status.
  • If properties are automatically ceded, player characters cannot have housing items, Chocobo sponsored by the resident’s caretaker, or NPCs enthusiastic about housing.
  • Players should not be roommates for anyone in the friend list.

In other words, players should be careful what happens to their furniture Final Fantasy XIV. There are also additional requirements for all players:

  • Players must be active FFXIV Accounts: Free trial, free login, suspended accounts are not eligible.
  • At least three days must have passed since you last used the Home World Transfer Service.
  • Players must have logged out of the game outside of any captured areas.
  • Players who move to new worlds or from crowded worlds to favorite ones must have enough inventory space to receive items.

Finally, the service cannot be used for characters:

  • Moved from version 1.0 that the player hasn’t logged in with since the start FFXIVservice.
  • Who did not complete the closing of the home page.
  • Less than three days.
  • Previously created or transported to new worlds in the last 90 days.
  • Pre-created on favorite worlds or ported from overcrowded realms in the last 90 days.
  • With name changes pending.
  • Those who are currently away or have been logged out from another home world.

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through the fight Final Fantasy XIVComparing bosses and dungeons may seem easier, but players who have taken steps to fulfill all of these requirements can then begin the transfer in Final Fantasy XIV The Wave Station website. According to Square Enix, players will not be able to create new characters or log into the game until the transfer is complete. Home World Transfer Service is available within additional services , and following the on-screen instructions will allow players to submit a transfer request. Players must consider the following when applying:

  • Character name changes may be required in specific cases.
  • Transfers to main worlds in different data centers require the player to select their desired destination first and reach the in-game character selection screen at least once. Players also need to do this if they haven’t created any characters on the destination Home World.

Weapons and gear have been obtained in FFXIV It will be transferred, but players should also keep in mind that some character data may not be kept, including:

  • Linkchills
  • Dozens of Triple Triad and Lord of Verminion tournaments currently entered.
  • Jumbo Cactpot tickets were purchased prior to the Home World transfer.
  • Points earned towards restoration ratings currently in progress.
  • Season Rankings of Crystal Clash.
  • Ranked match stats.
  • Deep dungeon scores, including personal and party highscores.

Players who successfully complete the transfer application must be transported to new home worlds. At this point, they should be able to log in and play the game as normal, whether that involves gameplay FFXIVChaotic PvP matches or team up with friends to battle new bosses. Unfortunately, the process is complicated, but for gamers looking to enjoy better and quieter ping servers, it might be worth it.

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Final Fantasy XIV Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or the Square Enix website.

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