Tessa Thompson explains her confusion about King Valkyrie in Love and Thunder

Tessa Thompson reveals why Valkyrie is the new “king” of Asgard, rather than Queen or any other royal titles, in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Tessa Thompson explained why the Valkyrie was specifically called the “King” of New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder. Follow from Avengers: Endgame, the latest adventure of the god who controls lightning sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) trying to find inner peace and leaving the days of his superhero behind. However, Thor’s plans for a more relaxed life are derailed when he is forced to confront Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) and enlist several friends to help defeat him. Together with Hemsworth, love and thunder The return of Thompson Valkyrie, Natalie Portman, sees Jane Foster, now The Mighty Thor, and writer/director Taika Waititi, rock star, Korg.

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Until now, Thor: Love and Thunder The trailers promised plenty of unexpected twists for both the titular Avenger and fans, from a recreated Mjolnir used by Jane’s Mighty Thor, to the sudden appearance of the Greek god Zeus (Russell Crowe) — which baffled some audiences given the god comes from completely different deities. However, there is a certain reason for the surrounding confusion love and thunder This is the reason why the Valkyrie is explicitly referred to as the “king” of New Asgard, rather than any other royal title. Thor’s delegation for the role of the leader of New Asgard came to Valkyrie at the end game overAsgardian decided to join the Guardians of the Galaxy instead of staying to rule his people.

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Now, Thompson has now explained why Valkyrie used the unexpected nickname “King”. Discuss the role of the character in love and thunder with movie totalThe actor explained how it all stems from Thor’s original appointment to rule New Asgard before giving the job to Valkyrie instead, saying that they “Just did not bother to change the address.Thompson also describes her character’s relaxed approach to the royal label, explaining:

“She’s a nice king. I know there’s been some confusion on the internet regarding her gender being a king. The truth is that’s the job Thor was doing, and then he gave her the job, and we just didn’t bother changing the title, because the title is ‘King'” , and she says, ‘Okay, I can be a king.’

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When Thor gave the role of King of New Asgard to the Valkyrie, she told the God of Thunder that she would make a lot of changes to their new home. The audience is supposed to see that play in it love and thunder, although previous comments from Waititi suggested that Valkyrie may not enjoy her new leadership role at Asgard. In fact, the Thor 4 Trailers have already indicated that society has become more bureaucratic under Valkyrie, while the character is missing out on his belligerent days. However, her adoption of “king” as a royal title is clearly an apt move, not for any drastic pronouncements or changes.

For those somewhat confused by the royal title of Valkyrie, Thompson’s comments will at least help clarify one of the surrounding mysteries. love and thunder, indicating that the character simply slipped into Thor’s shoes. However, as Thompson asserts that Valkyrie is not satisfied with being king, it remains to be seen how the role itself will affect the character’s relationship with Thor, regardless of its title. and with Thor: Love and Thunder Scheduled for release on July 8, it won’t be long before audiences see the new “king” of Asgard in action.

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