10 Questions Fans Ask After Season 1

The summer you turned beautiful Fans didn’t even get a chance to watch the first season of the Amazon Prime show before the studio renewed it for a second season. The quick revamp came as a surprise to fans, but it may have been left out since the series is based on a trilogy written by best-selling author Jenny Han.

The young adult drama series follows Belly, a sixteen-year-old girl who returns to Cousins ​​to spend the summer with her mother’s close family. She sets out to make this summer different from the past and ends up in an awkward love triangle with her two best friends who also happen to be brothers. With three books of sources and an early renewal, it is not surprising that summer that turned Nice Fans are left with some big questions that they hope to get an answer in Season 2.

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10 Will Susanna’s treatment experience succeed?

The summer you turned beautiful It mostly follows Belly’s summer adventures, but there’s also an important plot revolving around Susannah. It was hinted early on that Susanna had been diagnosed with some form of cancer and did not want to undergo treatment.

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However, when her sons find out at the end of the season, they beg and beg her to try the cure. Susanna eventually agrees which has fans wondering if the series will ever move away from the novels and the trial will actually work for it.

9 Will Belly and Conrad start dating?

Conrad and Bly sitting on the beach at The Summer I Turned Pretty

Belly and Conrad are definitely on their way to becoming one of the best-willed – and never will – marry on TV. While it’s clear that these two really care about each other, they just don’t seem to be doing the timing right.

Season one ends with Conrad and Billy finally kissing on the beach, which would have been a sweet moment had Billy not technically dated Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah. Fans hope this won’t be too much of a complication until Billy and Conrad can freely date in season two.

8 Is Laurel going to a book event with Cleveland?

Laurel and Cleveland have the opposite of a pleasant encounter when they meet for the first time, yet their paths end up crossing again in a more positive light. Over the course of the seven-episode season, Laurel and Cleveland’s relationship developed into something more serious. With Cleveland asking her to accompany him on a book conference trip.

Laurel says no originally because she thinks it will help the boys and Susanna but now that Susanna has started therapy, she may have more free time on her hands.

7 How did Conrad know that his mother was ill?

Susanna holds her crying children in the summer when she turned beautiful

Early in the season, Susanna made it clear to Laurel that she didn’t want any of the kids, especially her sons, to know about her cancer diagnosis so they could have fun. However, Conrad’s perceptive personality means he knows something is wrong with his mother almost immediately.

While there were clear signs that Susanna was ill, many fans were left wondering how exactly Conrad discovered his mother’s diagnosis. It’s not a major question heading into Season 2, but one that could help embody Conrad and his character even more.

6 Will you tell Jeremiah’s belly about kissing Conrad?

Jeremiah rolls his stomach in the parking lot the summer she turned into pretty

Belly spends the entire summer in a love triangle, and sometimes in a love square. Although it’s not meant to be heartbreaking, it does catch the attention of many boys in Cousins. During the finale, she sees Billy Jeremiah, who is also her escort for the local rookie ball.

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In fact, Bailey was still technically dating Jeremiah when she kissed Conrad on the beach the next night. Given the two brothers’ rocky relationship, fans are curious to know if Belly will tell Jeremiah about the kiss or if she’ll find another excuse to break up with him – if she breaks up with him at all.

5 Will Stephen and Shayla stay together?

Steven and Shayla kissing in the summer, it turned out pretty

Belly isn’t the only one experiencing epic summer love in adulthood the summer you turned into beautiful; So is her older brother Stephen. At first, Stephen finds himself in a love triangle as his sister before quickly realizing that Shayla is the girl he wants to be with.

Despite this knowledge, Stephen can’t help but mess up over and over again. Fortunately, Shayla is very forgiving and accepts his apology. Fans are curious to know if Shayla and Steven will stay together or if the distance and their different communities will cause a rift between their love.

4 Will Laurel start writing her next novel?

Laurel holds Cleveland's book at The Summer I Turned Pretty

Laurel spends most of the first season of The summer you turned beautiful She tries to be Susanna’s best supportive friend while also dealing with the behavior of their teenage children. However, she is also supposed to be working on her next novel – the first she is writing after the divorce.

With so much going on in season one, Laurel never started her next novel despite trying. Perhaps, Susanna’s experience will give her the inspiration she needs to write her next novel in Season 2.

3 Will Stephen be able to afford college?

Stephen smiles in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Stephen may be busy falling in love with Shayla, but another major part of his character revolves around money. Unlike his best friends, Stephen doesn’t come for money and actually has to work at the country club out of necessity rather than fun so he can afford college.

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He does a good job saving some time to gamble all his summer winnings while trying to keep up with the guys Shayla goes to school with. Back to square one, fans are interested in seeing how Stephen will raise the money he needs to go to his dream college.

2 Why is Conrad so angry at his father?

Conrad got a little bit of a bad reputation in season one for always being in a tense and angry mood. However, his mood swings are mostly justified given all the things he deals with in private.

One thing fans don’t fully understand is why Conrad is so angry at his father. Some fans are speculating that he knew his father had been having an affair several years ago, while others think he might be mad at his father for treating Susanna differently now that she’s sick.

1 Will the gang return to Cousins ​​next summer?

Belly, Jeremiah and Conrad run to the ocean in the summer she turned into beautiful

In the opening and closing monologues, Belly makes it clear that summer isn’t summer without spending it in Cousins ​​with the Fishers. However, the series ends its first season with a lot of things up in the air.

With Susanna’s health in an unknown state, Stephen’s college fund dwindling, and Billy falling into an awkward love triangle with the brothers, fans are curious if she’ll even want to visit Cousins ​​next summer—or rather, if the gang will be emotionally able to go by looking To the health of Susanna.

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