15 Meaningless Things About Umbrella Academy

parachute academy, The Netflix adaptation of the Gerard Way comics, which puts a unique spin on the concept of a school filled with mutated kids working to become world saviors, has just released its horrific third season. The series focuses on the Hargreeves family right after their father’s death, and Umbrella Academy is the school where all these supernaturally gifted kids learn to hone their skills and become heroes.

However, it is not all about Umbrella Academy itself has a lot of meaning. Like any show, it takes some commentary to disbelieve, but to even account for that, there are some glaring issues in the series that remain unresolved.

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buy children

Needless to say, literally buying a baby is kind of taboo. So why can Reginald Hargreaves buy half a dozen babies visibly from random women all over the world, and no one has a problem with that? And forget the moral implications, wouldn’t the law somehow interfere in a situation like this?

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Season 3 made this problem even bigger with Sparrow Academy, as the first season of Umbrella Academy It proves that the original Seven were the only children Reginald was able to buy. How did he convince six other women who didn’t sell their children on time to sell them now?

children lost

It seems that all of the Hargreaves kids are endowed with some truly supernatural powers. But they are not the only ones born in this strange phenomenon. Season 3 explored it in more depth, but it’s clear that there are very few superhero kids that Reginald Hargreaves didn’t have.

So far, Reginald has been able to get enough kids to fill up the Umbrella Academy and then the Sparrow Academy, but as Lily points out, there are at least 43 people with superhuman strength living in the world, and it’s very strange that they’ve all managed to avoid detection.

brotherly love

Sloan Academy Umbrella

Although it seems that both Luther and Sloane have very little contact with the world outside of what Reginald Hargreeves have allowed them to see, it is quite strange how comfortable they are courting someone with the same father.

Luther’s interest in Sloan is clearly less worrying than his feelings for Alison, and it’s great that they find love with each other. But Luther’s inability to be attracted to anyone who doesn’t have the same surname is odd, and it’s also strange that Sloan sees no problem with that either.

Reginald’s mission

Reginald Hargreaves gathered a group of extraordinary children for a specific purpose, and it seems that his intentions were to save the world. But this reality raises more questions than answers.

First, how did Sir Hargreaves know that the world needed salvation? And if his ultimate goal was to use his children to prevent the end of the world, why did he never tell them? Plus, since his kids seem to actually cause the end of days every time that happens, why would Reginald risk setting up another academy when the first iteration failed miserably?

dead caregivers

Rich people can get away with it all, so while horrifying, it’s not a fantasy to think that Reginald Hargreaves managed to cover up all the caregivers that Victor had killed before deciding to give him a less murderous father to deal with his tantrums.

However, why didn’t any of the other kids remember these nannies? Why was there not an investigation with all these missing persons? Not to mention, why didn’t any of the other kids remember that Victor actually possessed superpowers?

robo mom

The Umbrella Academy - Reginald Hargreaves

The idea of ​​creating a robot mom to take care of the babies is actually a pretty clever one, but it seems very odd that the entire Hargreaves family wouldn’t wonder why they needed an indestructible machine instead of a real human caregiver, especially considering that Reginald had hired Human nannies before.

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Perhaps the experience of growing up at Umbrella Academy is strange enough that no one will remember this transformation. But given how rare they communicate with anyone new, and given there are so many of them they can remember, it’s hard to believe.

Team missions

Sir Reggie may be wealthy, but he doesn’t have a particularly creative mind. His idea of ​​a group of kids with superhuman strength to save the day is a great one, but it’s also a straight steal for the X-Men. However, his thoughts on these crime-fighting kids are even stranger, all things considered.

Yes, it is a good thing for children to do these good deeds, but in many of these circumstances their strength will not be particularly useful, so why even take them in the first place when their presence is more hamper than help?


Christopher's Parachute Academy theory is a cube because of Ben

Of all the new Hargreaves kids introduced in season three, Christopher is undoubtedly the most exciting and mysterious.

It’s unclear who he is or what he is, and it’s not clear if he’s human or not, although he certainly doesn’t seem to be close to anyone yet. Was Christopher actually one of the children born on the same day as the rest of Hargreaves’ children? And if it was, how exactly did a being like him escape detection in the previous timeline where Reginald had adopted the Umbrella Academy?

strange mutations

Justin H. Maine as Ben Hargreaves, Casey David as Jaime, Jake Epstein as Alfonso, Justin Cornwell as Marcus, Britney Oldford as Faye, Genesis Rodriguez as Sloan of Sparrow Academy in Season 3 of Umbrella Academy

Along the same lines, one of the most noticeable differences between the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy is that the Sparrow children appear to be distinctly different. Sure, characters like Jayme and Sloane look like regular people, but others like Fei and Alphonso will definitely stand out in a crowd. So why didn’t they do that?

Like Christopher, if these super-powered kids existed in the previous timeline, it doesn’t make sense that they were able to stay under the radar for so long when their unusual appearances were supposed to attract so much attention even if their power remained hidden.

Journey to the moon

Tom Hooper as Luther #1 in The Umbrella Academy

For a long time, Luther Hargreeves was absolutely convinced that his trip to the moon had a definite purpose, only coming later to believe that his father had sent him away for no real reason and that his work on the moon was meaningless.

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But was it? Luther’s actual purpose of the mission has yet to be fully explained, but given that Reginald’s deceased wife Abigail was on a limited part of the moon, it seems that Luther’s presence could not have been a coincidence. Now that Abigail is back in the real world, the significance of her number one journey into space seems even more significant.

Why wasn’t Leonard a threat before?

Leonard smiles innocent lie

Leonard Peabody is the variable in the entire academy equation that has moved Victor from a seemingly innocuous layman to one who literally destroyed the world in a matter of days. But Leonard has been obsessed with Umbrella Academy for much longer than his relationship with Victor.

So this begs the question, why now? Leonard has been obsessed with the academy for years and has had years of trying to reconcile with anyone in the academy, and it seems really strange that no one ever knows who he is, let alone considered a threat.

Weak Victor

Victor Hargreaves as seen in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy

There is absolutely nothing natural about Umbrella Academy or the children brought up by Reginald Hargreaves. But what’s quite strange is that the Hargreaves kids have gone for a long time really believing that Victor doesn’t have superpowers.

Aside from the fact that they saw him use his abilities when they were younger, it doesn’t make sense that they are all so talented and that Victor would just be a normal person. The fact that no one questioned it until Victor showed his talents is puzzling.

Can they all give people abilities?

The now-adult Harlan was a major component of the Season 3 storyline, and the abilities he got from Viktor were amazingly powerful. Victor himself is clearly the strongest in the Umbrella Academy, but the transfer of superpowers offers an interesting possibility. Namely, is this something that all children can do, but are not aware of yet?

After all, the glowing particles that went into Harlan look very similar to the particles that seem to play some role in the birth of all super-babies, so it stands to reason that others would have that ability, too.

Do they know their own powers?

Umbrella Academy season 3 cast

Given the arc of Klaus’ character in Season 3, as well as Allison’s seemingly elaborate abilities, the obvious answer seems to be no. But honestly, how is that possible?

Klaus’ immortality makes sense in terms of his other powers, but it’s incomprehensible that he died so many times and came back to life without ever finding out that he was capable of it, and without anyone else seeing him and telling him what’s going on. . Not to mention, kids have spent most of their lives training and exploring their skills, so it’s strange that even decades later they didn’t know what they could do.

Does the police come in?

Umbrella Academy The show at least acknowledges the presence of police officers, and they are present in a lot of the situations the Hargreaves family find themselves in.

However, the fact that the Umbrella Academy ever existed without any kind of police involvement really doesn’t make sense. The Vigil is illegal, and the fact that the Haggrevis clan essentially tore the world apart in the days leading up to the apocalypse without any legal intervention is very difficult to accept.

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