Khloe Kardashian considers herself single despite dating a new guy

Khloe Kardashian still considers herself single despite the Kardashian star dating a mysterious new man introduced to her by Kim Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian gets to know a new mysterious man she met through Kim Kardashian but Kardashians The star still considers herself single. Khloe adjusts to life after breaking up with Tristan Thompson following his paternity scandal. The former couple recently spent Father’s Day together and sparked reconciliation rumors. But sources recently confirmed that Khloe was dating a private equity investor introduced to her by Kim.

Chloe finally left Tristan for good after she betrayed her during a reconciliation and conceived a child with another woman. Chloe and Tristan were trying to have their second child together when he ended up vaccinating a woman named Maralie Nichols. It took months before the public learned of the cheating scandal that led to the filing of a paternity lawsuit. Tristan tried to keep the scandal secret. But once it hit the press last December, Khloe and the world were aware of the bad boy’s behavior. Fans have speculated whether Khloe will ever get Tristan back considering how many times she has forgiven her in the past.

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But Khloe is enjoying her singles status while getting to know someone new. “Khloe definitely considers herself single at the moment. However, she was dating and flirting with someone Kim [Kardashian] associate it with,source said Hollywood Live. Chloe met the mystery man just a few weeks ago.”It’s not serious“But Chloe does enjoy their sweet conversations through text messages and FaceTime,” the insider said.Khloe doesn’t want to put any pressure on things too soonShared Source.She’s open to dating but she’s not actively looking or anything like that. It’s the first for Khloe who has spent years in an on-and-off relationship with Tristan due to his cheating.

Chloe and Tristan are reconciled from the kissing scandal with Jordyn Woods when he impregnates Marale. In June 2021, Khloe and Tristan reportedly broke up after eyewitnesses claimed they saw the NBA player getting cozy with three mysterious women at a party that Drake threw. But when the new Hulu show premiered, it was revealed that Khloe had actually gotten Tristan back and was working on their relationship late last year. Tristan has a history of cheating on Chloe. In addition to kissing Kylie Jenner’s ex-BFF, he has been caught feeling down on women while Khloe was pregnant and accused of cheating on her last year with a model named Sydney Chase.

Fans assumed that the reason Khloe broke up with Tristan last year was due to allegations of cheating in Sydney. But she ended up bringing it back only a few months later. It took Tristan to carry his third child with another woman for Chloe to finally answer fans’ prayers and leave the female soccer player for good. Currently, Kardashians The star has a mysterious new man in her life and the freedom to date whomever she chooses. Tristan is not too far away. But it looks like Chloe is looking for love elsewhere this time.

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source: Hollywood Live

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