Best Dungeon Team Formation

Dungeons can be completed for rewards in the Disney Mirrorverse, and the chosen Guardian team can decide whether or not players finish a full round.

Dungeon mode in Disney Mirrorverse It is where players explore five floors and collect resources while completing combat encounters, and some Guardians are better suited to this activity than others. Choosing the right team is especially important while completing a Dungeon run because a team can’t be changed until a new one starts. Dungeons is one of the last unlocked game modes Disney Mirrorverseso players will need to complete other activities, such as the story mode, for it to become available.

Each dungeon is available for a limited time and usually grants different types of Motes, a resource that is used to upgrade Guardians. When starting the run, players will need to explore each floor to collect items, buffs, and artifacts. Artifacts are what give players points, so finding them all on each floor will increase their rewards. However, not every floor contains artifacts, and the more players explore, the faster the counter on the right side will fill up. When the meter is full, the confrontation will start the next time the player moves.

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Each dungeon floor has an exit that leads to the next area, and the last floor has a final boss to defeat. Before starting the run, players can see the playable characters Disney Mirrorverse The multiplier will be applied to any points earned. For example, Tank Troubles will give Dungeon double points if Elsa, Frank Wolff, Mike Wazowski or Tiana are at the party. There are 25 milestones to reach in any given dungeon, so a multiplier greatly increases the chances of winning every possible reward. This mode also has a leaderboard that determines who will get additional rewards once the Dungeon has expired. To maximize the prizes received, players will need to select the appropriate Guardian team.

Best guardians to complete the dungeon run in the Disney Mirrorverse

Best Disney Mirrorverse team building for dungeon achievements rewards

An additional character should always be included in the team if players have any of the listed Guardians unlocked. In addition, players should always have a supporting character in the party, especially in high difficulties. Support characters generally have the ability to heal their teammates, and each Guardian’s health is drained over the course of the entire Dungeon game path. The only other way to heal guardians before the end of the race is to find or buy dungeon potions. However, if the guardian’s support level is raised Disney Mirrorverse In the team, players can save their orbs to spend on more valuable items, such as Famed Crystals.

As long as players choose a support character and one of the guardians that applies the multiplier, they should be able to complete all five decks while earning the highest rewards possible. A melee or tank character will work well with a team that has a diverse, supported ranger. In the end, the better team will consist of a support, a double guardian, and any character that provides the highest level of strength possible so that the difficulty can be increased to earn better rewards for running Dungeon in Disney Mirrorverse.

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