Samsung wants to make mid-range foldable phones

Samsung is said to be working on several mid-range foldable phones that will be more affordable than its current flagships in the Galaxy Z series. Samsung It is said to be working on several mid-range foldable smartphones which will be more affordable than the current Galaxy Z-series. This news comes a few weeks after reports emerged that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone that could be part of its more affordable Galaxy A line. That report came from a guide who also claimed that it might still be a…

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The best characters in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Split image of Reptar, SpongeBob, and Jenny from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a multiplayer fighting game that stars a small group of the studio’s favorite characters. Basically, it’s Smash, but with different IP addresses. While there are notable absences, such as Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, the list is slowly unfolding. For example, Garfield and Shredder have been added for free, and more official DLC will be on the way. Related: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s Awards List Is Short But It Takes A Long Time With options like Aang and Danny Phantom, choice paralysis is a very real first-world…

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Top 6 Playable Characters in Binding Isaac: Repentance

Cover art for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance

Binding of Isaac is one of the biggest roguelikes out there, and for good reason. With hundreds of items at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. No operation will be the same due to the number of synergies between these elements. Over the years, the game has added a lot to the core game with DLC that added new items, enemies, bosses, rooms, characters, and much more. Related: The Best Items in Isaac’s Binding To add to all this variety, the game also offers 11 characters in the base game…

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Lakers rumors: Magic Si Mo Bamba is a free agency target

GT The Lakers can follow Magic Center Mo Bamba (right). The Los Angeles Lakers may be looking to add a former potential player to their front line as the team is linked for the Orlando Magic Mo Bamba free agent position. Reported by Khobe Price from the Orlando Sentinel That Magic isn’t planning on making an offer to Bamba would have made him a restricted free agent. Instead, Magic won’t be able to automatically match any offer the Lakers or other teams make to Bamba, making it an unrestricted free…

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Where to find every chest on Yoko Express

Yoku's Island Express, Treasure Chest Location Guide

Yoku’s Island Express is full of wonderful treasures. Allow us to guide you to them. during your time in Yoko Island Express You will encounter a lot of treasure chests. These are scattered in every direction. Some of them are incredibly easy to access and won’t require any thought at all. Others… well, they could be a little more on the tricky side. Related Topics: Yoko Island Express: Tips for Beginners The Gamer video today Whether the chest is at the bottom of a pond, or guarded by a giant…

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Overwatch 2 Beta Xbox Not Working, Close Error and Fix

GameRevolution logo

Many Xbox Series X users are facing | S and Xbox One many problems Overwatch 2 beta Xbox not working mistakes. Attempting to launch a game shuts down their console, presumably to keep the system’s internal temperature low. Many users on the official Overwatch 2 tech support forums have expressed their frustration with this nasty bug, especially from those who paid for early access after spending $40 on the Watchpoint Pack. How to fix Overwatch 2 beta Xbox not working error according to A user named Saeed is in the…

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Outriders: What is Apocalypse Gear?

Outriders Worldslayer New Legendary Sets

Quick links How to get apocalypse equipment Apocalypse Gear Upgrade Outriders: Worldslayer Introduce a new class of gear for players to chase. These items, known as Apocalypse, come with an additional mod that cannot be changed. Getting a third mod is huge for boosting the power of a particular weapon or armor piece, making Apocalypse the most powerful item class in the game. Related: Outriders Worldslayer: PAX Trees Explained The Gamer video today Of course, getting a full set of apocalypse gear with a minimum of a maximum will not…

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A Nintendo contributor requests the new F-Zero game at the annual meeting

New F-Zero

F-Zero fans feed on clips. Since the release of the last F-Zero game in 2004, fans have had to settle for retro re-releases and vague promises that the series isn’t quite dead. Although somewhat fitting, the series still has a fierce fan base, one would hope for a new game in its close to 18 years. Well, it turns out that a Nintendo contributor is also very keen to see the series return, and expressed that desire directly to Nintendo itself. The Gamer video today First reported by Twitter user…

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Nets urged to target Suns Javale McGee at free agency

GT Ex-Lakers Dwight Howard & JaVale McGee. Former Lakers Dwight Howard and Gavel McGee. The Brooklyn Nets are about to enter one of the most pivotal free agency periods in franchise history. After all-star guard Kyrie Irving agreed to sign up for the final year of his deal with Brooklyn, the outcome of the 2023 season will be a factor in whether he decides to re-sign with the Nets next summer. Thus, his decision next summer may also decide Kevin Durant’s future with the franchise. Nets has several major free…

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Baymax Cast & Character Guide

Some of the voice actors from Big Hero 6 are back to voice the heroes at Disney+’s Baymax. Here’s the cast and the characters they voice. Champions Big Hero 6 back to Paymax! And some of the new Disney+ voice actors and characters are introduced about the Health Care Companion—here’s the character crew explained. Thinks it’s part of 2014 Big Hero 6And the Paymax! He follows the titular character as he helps people all over San Francisco. The series was created by Don Hall and Sirocco Dunlap wrote all the…

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