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Some of the voice actors from Big Hero 6 are back to voice the heroes at Disney+’s Baymax. Here’s the cast and the characters they voice.

Champions Big Hero 6 back to Paymax! And some of the new Disney+ voice actors and characters are introduced about the Health Care Companion—here’s the character crew explained. Thinks it’s part of 2014 Big Hero 6And the Paymax! He follows the titular character as he helps people all over San Francisco. The series was created by Don Hall and Sirocco Dunlap wrote all the episodes. It was released on June 29 on Disney+.

All six 10-minute episodes of Paymax! Follow Baymax as he finds people to help, scans them to validate them and offers his support even when they don’t want to at first. Some of the characters that Baymax helps are known, such as Hiro’s Aunt Cass, others are new, and Baymax finds them by chance. While Big Hero 6Hiro attends every episode, usually appears in a post-credits scene, comes home and gets stuck on Baymax Day.

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Paymax!The cast includes the most popular live action TV show actors and voice actors. Big Hero 6Scott Adsett, Maya Rudolph and Ryan Potter are back to their voices Paymax!Her heroes on the Disney + show. over here Paymax!The cast, the characters they play, and where they’ve appeared before.

Scott Adsit As Baymax

Scott Adsit As Baymax in Baymax

Scott Adsit returns to voice protagonist Baymax, who in the series can be seen working as a healthcare buddy rather than focusing on saving the world as a superhero. every episode of Paymax! Sees Baymax focus on a different patient, Baymax offers his help in any way needed, whether that means gradually exposing people to their fear of water or turning to a barista for the day to relieve someone with a sprained ankle. Other than expressing Baymax, Adsit appeared in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt As Dale Hurtz, as Greg Hart vice presidentAnd on many other TV shows.

Ryan Potter as Hero

Ryan Potter as Hero in Baymax

Big Hero 6The protagonist, Hiro, was voiced by Ryan Potter, who returned to voice the character Paymax!. Although the episodes follow Baymax on his own, Hiro is always in the post-credits scene after each episode, commenting on what Baymax has done throughout the day. Besides expressing Hero Hamada in every short series that follows Big Hero 6Potter is best known for playing Gar Logan, also known as Beast Boy, in titans. as appeared in Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp And in the 2018 movie Running for Grace.

Maya Rudolph as Cass

Maya Rudolph as Aunt's Cup in Baymax

Maya Rudolph returns to voice Hero Cass’ aunt. Aside from caring for Hiro, Cass is very busy running the cafe under their apartment with the help of their cat Mochi. Rudolph is known for playing multiple characters in Saturday Night Live From 2000 to 2020. Most recently, Rudolph voiced Connie the Hormone Monsters in HR And the big mouthand Daniela Baguro at Disney Luca.

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Baymax Support Actors and Characters

Baymax Support Actors and Characters

Emily Kuroda as Kiko – Kuroda plays Kiko, a Baymax patient in Paymax! Episode 1. Kuroda is best known for playing Mrs. Kim in Gilmore Girls. Recently, she appeared in good doctor And in the movie 2021 porcupine.

Lillemar as Sophia – Lilimar voiced by Sophia, a teenage patient from Baymax whose story has been explored Paymax! Episode 3. Lilimar’s Experience as a Voice Actor Includes Cleopatra in Cleopatra in space and Lilimar at Netflix’s free spirit ride. Lilimar also appeared in school of rock And the knight band.

Zeno Robinson as Ali – Robinson voted for Ali, Sophia’s friend in Paymax! Episode 3. Robinson is best known for the voice of Victor Stone in young justice The Onyankopon in the English version of The attack on the Giants. Robinson also appeared as Steve in 2016 I shipped it.

Jabuki Young White as a stylist – Young White plays Mbita in Paymax! Episode 4. Recently, Young-White appeared as Sam Murder in the building only. He also voiced multiple characters in 2021 Fairfax.

Brian TV as Yukio – Tee plays Yukio, who debuted in it Paymax! Episode 4. Tee played the famous Ethan Choi in it Chicago fireAnd the Chicago PDAnd the Chicago Med. as appeared in Star Wars: Visions And the The devil.

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