Broncos Pass Rusher is listed as a Trade Candidate

Bronco, owner of RED


Denver Broncos Edge is run by Malek Reed.

Denver Broncos have quietly amassed a deep pool of rim racers.

They signed Randy Gregory into free agency. Bradley Chubb is set to be healthy for the first time since his freshman year. Nik Bonitto’s second-round pick has a high ceiling. Baron Browing moves to tackle the edge climber, which he previously called his “normal position” For every 247 sports. Young contestants like Jonathon Cooper, Christopher Allen, and Aaron Patrick have potential.

As a result, the owner of the reed can be buried on the depth chart. Since entering the NFL in 2019, Reed has been a productive player for the Broncos. In 2020, it is Led Bronco in Bags (8.0). In 2021, he Broncos drove in pressures (22).

However, Gregory and Chap must be locked in as beginners, and it’s hard to imagine that Bonito doesn’t play a significant role.

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Bronco: Red trading is possible

In a recent article in the mail bagNick Cosmider of Athletic has listed Reed as a potential commercial candidate.

“In the event of a faltering situation, the Broncos is counting on Bradley Chubb and new acquisition Randy Gregory to be available and productive,” Kosmider wrote. “The depth behind them is where it gets interesting.”

Kosmider suggested that the Broncos might be able to get a fifth inning pick for Reid.

“Where does that leave Red’s owner? Is the fourth-year player still seen as a top rotation piece? Could the Broncos bring a fifth-round selection to a player who has scored 13 red cards in the past two seasons? It’s not out of the question, especially if players show Guys like Jonathon Cooper, Christopher Allen and Aaron Patrick made great progress during camp.”

At 25 years old, Reed has a lot of commercial value. Edge rusher is one of the most valuable positions in the league, and he has produced at a high level.

After trading Russell Wilson, the Broncos are set to have only five picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and it won’t be their first pick until the third round. So, trading Reed would give the front office some much-needed capital.

ESPN predicted Reed would not make the Broncos roster

This isn’t the first time an analyst has referred to Reid as the odd man out. On June 21 ESPN’s Jeff Legold Predict Reed won’t be on the 53-man list.

Legold predicted that Aaron Patrick would beat Reed. He cited Patrick’s own teams contributions as a team maker.

“Special teams will probably tip the scales in the last few places here, as well as Gregory’s health at the start of the regular season after off-season shoulder surgery,” Legold wrote. “If Gregory is full to get into camp, the Broncos could lean Patrick’s special teams work or some extra depth at the inner-back on Malik Red’s experience. If Gregory is still limited by the time September comes around, Reed could be a player in need.” .

Legold makes a strong case. Last season , Patrick 208 teams played special snaps.

If Reed is buried in the defensive depth scheme, Patrick could be a more influential player in the Broncos.


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