Samsung wants to make mid-range foldable phones

Samsung is said to be working on several mid-range foldable phones that will be more affordable than its current flagships in the Galaxy Z series.

Samsung It is said to be working on several mid-range foldable smartphones which will be more affordable than the current Galaxy Z-series. This news comes a few weeks after reports emerged that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone that could be part of its more affordable Galaxy A line. That report came from a guide who also claimed that it might still be a few years before the device sees the light of day. However, there was no more specific information about the device itself, which is understandable, since its development is likely at a very early stage.

Of course, Samsung isn’t the only company working on an “affordable” foldable phone. Chinese smartphone company Oppo is also said to be developing its own clamshell foldable smartphone with a target price of around $750. Oppo already has a Galaxy Z Fold-style foldable smartphone called Find N priced at 7,699 yuan (about $1,150) in China. However, its next foldable device will be a Z Flip 3-style clamshell smartphone. If the rumors are accurate, it will be priced significantly less than Samsung’s latest clamshell phone, which has an asking price of $999.

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The latest report on Samsung’s ‘affordable’ foldable smartphone comes from South Korean publications ET News, which claims that Samsung is working on at least two new mid-range foldable smartphones. While one of those devices will be a clamshell phone like the Z Flip 3, the other will be a Galaxy Fold-style device that will turn into a standard sized tablet. According to the report, both the devices will be priced on the lower side and undercut the company’s current Galaxy Z flagships. In fact, the report notes that pricing for the new devices could be around the million won mark, which comes in at around $770.

Galaxy A-Series foldable affordable?

The report also claims that Samsung is looking to replicate the success of its Galaxy A line with the launch of its new foldable smartphones, but stops short of confirming that they will be part of the Galaxy A lineup. The report also reiterates previous rumors that it will be some time before Mid-range foldable devices are ready in prime time. Samsung is said to be targeting a 2024 release date for upcoming devices.

Earlier this month, a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) revealed that Samsung remained the world leader in foldable smartphones with a 74 percent market share in the first quarter of 2022. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was reportedly the It is the best selling device in its class. with a market share of 51 percent. Meanwhile, a previous report by IDC also stated that the global foldable smartphone market grew by more than 264 percent between 2020 and 2021 and will reach 27.6 million units in 2025. Samsung He hopes that mid-range foldable devices will help him retain the leadership in this sector as foldable smartphones become more prevalent in the coming years.

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source: ET News (Korean)

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