Starstruck fan Olivia Rodrigo meets the teen singer at Cork’s Sweet Shop

Rodrigo, who was in town before her Marquee ran out party, was queuing up for a crepe at popular pastry shop Ginos Gelato when Cork TikToker Aoibh Carroll followed suit.

After publishing the story on her TikTok page, Aoibh said she first spotted the teen star of Brown Thomas across the road.

“Guys, I’ve met Oliva Rodrigo. I mean, what’s going on? In Cork, Aweba announced.

“She was at Brown Thomas and I saw her walk out the door, and you know when you look at someone and you’re like, ‘This is Olivia Rodrigo?

“I went off BT and went to Gino. I thought there was no way to make this opportunity for me. So I walked out the door and followed her.”

You were like ‘Olivia?’ And she’d say, ‘Hi.’ Sorry, that’s really weird but I just wanted to say hi!” And she was like ‘straw!’

The friendly pop star asked Awaiba for her name and introduced herself as Olivia.

Awaiba joked how she actually knew who she was talking to before she asked for the photo.

“She was just waiting to cook the crepe she ordered.

“So I got a picture with her. This week in Cork was the best week of my life!”

“Look at her,” added Owaiba, while showing a picture of herself with the star. “She’s so cute. She looks like a little kid.”

Olivia has become a household name in recent years, having starred in Disney’s High School Musical, The Musical, The Series.

She’s also getting ahead on her hit driver’s license as her debut studio album, Sour, takes her on a world tour arriving at Marquee in Cork, tonight before moving to Fairview Park in Dublin tomorrow night.

Tickets for tonight’s show are all sold out, and her performance will conclude her live show on the 2022 Marquee Series.

Rodrigo is expected to perform every single from her number one album “Pictures” as well as “All I Want” from High School Musical: The Series and a cover of “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. In general, you are expected to be on stage for just over an hour.

The photo tour stops in more than 40 major cities around the world.

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