The Law and Order series sets a release date in the fall


After announcing the final scheduling of the fall calendar premiere dates on NBC, fans of the police procedural drama franchise can now know when to watch the comeback of many. Law and order Appears later this year.

The new seasons are set to premiere on NBC this fall on September 22, three after Chicago PD Appears on September 21. The premiere that will air this fall is the original Law and order The series that begins at 8 p.m. The popular crime drama that started the entire series is back on TV with season 21 after a 10-year hiatus and has seen the return of fan-favorite characters like Jack McCoy (Toxic Waterstone). The series centers on a group of detectives who solve crime mysteries, usually murder.

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After broadcasting the original Law and order The series, the popular sub-show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit It will return this fall after the season 23 finale that aired earlier this year. The series, which began airing in 1999, currently stands as one of the longest-running television programs written in the United States and remains one of the most popular shows in the franchise with core characters such as Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). The introduction to the series revolves around the characters who investigate sex-related crimes.

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Finally, after broadcasting Special Victims Unit, Law and order: organized crimethe latest addition to the series, will air at 10 pm. It premieres in 2021 and stars Christopher Meloni as the lead role for Elliot Stabler. Meloni originally appeared as Stabler in Special Victims Unit As Benson’s partner before exiting the series. organized crime Focuses on Stabler returning to New York City and joining an organized crime task force after his wife’s murder. The show has already ran for two seasons and there are more on the way.

It was first broadcast in 1990 and was created by Dick Wolf. Law and order It has grown into a media franchise that spans across a large number of made-for-TV television shows and movies. The popularity of the franchise does not seem to be slowing down at any point as the momentum continues with new seasons of various shows.

Law and orderAnd the Law & Order: Special Victims UnitAnd the Law and order: organized crime Produced by Wolf Entertainment and NBCUniversal. The three TV shows will return this fall on September 22nd.

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