10 game characters fighting with improvised weapons

Gravity Gun Frank West

When stuck between a hammer and an anvil, you can’t always be picky about your choice in executing a fight. Even in video games, you can’t always find a fully sharpened katana or a fully loaded firearm ready and waiting for you to use it. Sometimes, you just have to improvise.

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Fortunately, some of the characters are well versed in the improv scene. Whether it’s because they don’t have access to training and resources that would allow them to use the right weapons, or it’s just faster, these people can just grab whatever is nearby and start swinging around like there’s no tomorrow (because if they don’t They do it), there will not be).

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10 Frank West – Dead Rising Series

The giant family shopping center is full of all kinds of possibilities and endings, but the actual guns tend to be a bit pricey (unless there’s a cutlery store, perhaps). When Frank West is trapped in such a mall with hordes of zombies, he has to be a little creative to stay alive. Basically, Frank can pick up anything that hasn’t been nailed and hit the zombies with it.

TVs? surely. Bowling balls? why not? A full garden bench? It’s surprisingly easy to lift and swing, as it turns out. In later Dead Rising games, Frank gets even more creative thanks to some knowledge about combo weapons gleaned from the likes of Chuck Greene. A small sticky tape can turn improvised weapons into a complete arsenal.

9 Jimmy Hopkins – Bully

As a guard bully, Jimmy can’t get around obvious weapons. He’s still a student, after all. Conservatives or police officers will wrestle with him on the spot. As such, Jimmy instead turns to old attitudes of mischief on the court.

Drop a few balls on the floor to get poppies stuck, put a bag of itch powder at a dollar store in someone’s face, or grab a cafeteria tray to punch someone in the face. Jimmy doesn’t need to use lethal force in order to make his point.

8 Gordon Freeman – Half Life Series

In case anyone forgot, Gordon Freeman has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. This is primarily, you know, for theoretical things like the experiment that resulted in the chain resonance, but it also means it doesn’t slack when it comes to conventional physics.

Even before he got the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, Gordon was skilled at using simple concepts like weight and lever to create traps and artificial weapons to deal with his alien enemies. Of course, that became much easier when he could shoot any random object on the ground with the power of the Gravity Gun.

7 The Lone Wanderer – Fallout 3

While the Wastelands of the Fallout universe is surprisingly abundant in the firearms department, it never hurts to have a few additional options open. With a little creativity, the Lone Wanderer can create various shapes of improvised weapons from random trash collected from the rubble.

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A toy car and paint gun make a dart gun, a lawn mower blade and a motorcycle gas tank make a flaming sword, a hand brace and a cut deathclaw hand… well, exactly what you think. At the top of the DIY food chain is the Rock-It Launcher, a pneumatic weapon that can fire any small object at skull-shattering speed, ideal for situations where ammo dries up.

6 Spelunky man – Spelunky

Ol’ Spelunky may be armed with his trusty whip as he explores the caves leading up to the Olmec Temple, but a single whip—let’s face it—not so much or strength, won’t make him far. Fortunately, Spelunky’s has a strong core, so he can pick up anything (or anyone) he finds and throw them at terminal speed.

There is certainly no shortage of arrows, boulders, and hairy cavemen flying on his head, so when he has the opportunity, he is in the right to choose them for more practical purposes.

5 Kazuma Kiryu – Yakuza Series

Kazuma Kiryu, a former Yakuza thug, is known for his legendary fighting prowess, but perhaps the thing he really should be known for is his willingness to pick up anything off the street for the club.

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This practice was actually the backbone of the monster fighting style he learned in his younger years: grab anything you could find and spin it as hard as possible. Even something as innocuous as a milk crate, when swayed by Kiryu’s gigantic might, becomes a dynamo of intense terror.

4 Steve – Minecraft

Given that Steve has to craft all of his weapons by hand (and can easily get lost in a lava puddle), it’s a good thing that a sword isn’t the only thing he can fight with. Anything Steve could hold in his hands could be used to hit something right in front of him.

Obviously this isn’t as effective as using a real weapon, or even a tool like an ax, but hitting zombies with a metal bucket definitely beats doing it with your bare, square hands. On the bright side, it’s pretty funny to beat a skeleton in the dust with nothing but a carrot and some gum.

3 Marina Lightyears – Mischiefmakers

Marina’s first and most important tactic for both fighting and movement is to pick something up and give it a powerful shake. As a cyborg, Marina is strong enough to lift up to 100 times her own weight, so even something like a small rock or box, when thrown with her powerful arms, becomes a deadly projectile.

This actually reflects Marina’s personality. She is a very kind person at heart and does not like to hurt others, so she would rather just throw her enemies out of her way or at each other to get them off her back than using any kind of actual weapon.

2 Factor 47 – Hitman Series

Agent 47 is the world’s hitman. As you would expect, he is quite talented with guns, blades and his hands, but his most powerful weapon is his creative instinct. Any kind of harmless object or combination can, when viewed through 47’s eyes, become a separate (or not entirely separate) killing tool.

From hand-held items like pool cue and kitchen utensils to large items like chandeliers, anything can become a lethal weapon when under 47’s control. Sometimes, it doesn’t even need a physical weapon to deal with its targets; All 47 needs are high standing, flat hands, and good charisma.

1 Frank Goldfinger – Shadow Hearts: From the New World

As a wannabe ninja, Frank doesn’t have the best frame of reference when it comes to proper ninja weapons. In Frank’s mind, if you could grab a sword handle with it and rotate it, that automatically makes it a ninja weapon. His first weapon is a large logging saw with a handle, which kind of It works, but it gets weirder from there.

Notable features from Frank’s arsenal include a bus stop sign with handle attached, full swordfish with handle, cactus with handle, and legendary sword in stone, Excalibur…still inside the stone and with an attached grip to current scale.

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