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It’s been almost three years since the science fiction anthology, black mirror, Fans have been blessed with more exciting stories and reports hitting the internet with Season 6 announcements in development on Netflix. The dystopian series boasted a large number of interesting stories and unforgettable characters.

As the series became more and more popular throughout its run, there were more and more noteworthy actors who added to the dynamism. These characters are sometimes very communicative, their boundaries are crossed and placed in incomprehensible situations. These characters are the most recognizable and noteworthy.

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10 Robert Daly: “USS Callister”

Black Mirror Jesse Plemons

“USS Callister” is one of the most memorable episodes of Black Mirror. It takes direct inspiration from another hit series of the 1960s, The Twilight ZoneSpecifically, “It’s A Good Life” episode. Plus references to other classics from the ’60s, the Star Trek series. The audience recognizes his opponent, Robert Daly, a reticent, passive transfer operations manager who lacks confidence.

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Robert’s character is complex. He was first seen as the underdog, and treated poorly at work when, in fact, he is the boss. When he realizes that he is torturing his employees’ consciousness in virtual reality, he is revealed as a tyrant. You are not expected to see a struggling and passive person turn into a horrific person. Punishing those who do not give him the respect he thinks he deserves but are unwilling to work for him, it is understood that his false sense of entitlement becomes his ultimate downfall.

9 Yorkie: “San Junipero”

Mackenzie Davis in Black Mirror San Junipero

A different episode than viewers are used to, “San Junipero” is bright and upbeat. This episode features an honest story with great music and some black mirror Character bows that look more realistic. Because of her triumph in this universe rather than her demise, Yorkie is a success story in the world black mirror Universe.

Yorkie has a real relationship. In life, she was forced to distance herself from her true self, pulled from the experience of life as an LGBTQ woman. While in San Junipero, a simulation of reality, she sets out on a journey of self-discovery. The relationship she forms with Kelly is important in her growth. A woman who learns that loving yourself allows you to be your true self offers a life lesson that many people embark on.

8 Lacey: “Nosedive”

Achieving an aesthetic collection to capture digital attention is not a new idea. This obsessive nature is amplified in “Nosedive” where Lacie goes above and beyond to fit the mold. Life becomes a lot easier when you are rewarded with a high rating; Entertainment is intertwined with classifying people as a necessity over true kindness. Lacie embodies this concept.

While rehearsing her laughter, she experiences behavior that will raise the rating or cause embarrassment. Lacey is attached to her not because of her wild laugh or her peachy pink dress, but because she is a slave to her image. You eventually learn that there is no greater reward than being able to express yourself honestly, albeit in the worst way imaginable.

7 Cooper: “Playtest”

Playtest Cooper Black Mirror

A heartbreaking episode, “Playtest” follows idiot Cooper. He travels the world and needs funds to make the trip back home, where he is seen taking a strange job at a famous virtual game company, related to the above. black mirror loops. A lot of takeaways from these episodes teach viewers to be wary of technology and its power. This episode shows how people can be victims of the power of the mind and Cooper is a black mirror The character who just happens to be unlucky to become that ship.

He chose not to worry about the trauma in his life. It is clear throughout that Cooper’s nature is lukewarm but he suppresses the bad parts of his life. The version of Cooper that the public recognizes is actually a part of his subconscious life that flashes before his eyes. The horrors he faces are made of his own determination, taken from his own life.

6 Rollo Haynes: “The Black Museum”

Douglas Hodge black mirror

It is considered the “Black Museum” to blend the elements of the past black mirror loops together, resulting in a very common loop. The hero leads through the exhibits of his villainous Rollo Haynes Museum in this episode.

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Tech innovators appear in this universe implementing designs for consumers. However, Rouleau is the initial experiment taking place, knowing that a full borehole test would have a negative impact. He exploits desperate individuals and uses malicious language, saying and doing anything to take advantage of their struggles. Rollo has everything wrong about the people in black mirror The universe, which makes it a complex character.

5 Kelly: “San Junipero”

“San Junipero” is a story of continuous building love, and one that is dear to fans. Nullification highlights struggles in life from different perspectives. Kelly is an unforgettable character due to the Yorkie’s polar opposite nature, as well as unexpected similarities to her.

Kelly’s arc is also about being true to oneself and participating in the things that make you happy. A black woman LBGTQ+ actress in the realm of science fiction also considers her a noteworthy character. The audience sees her go from being absolutely sure of her goal in San Junipero to finding something she was missing in the Yorkie to learning more about herself and finally finding peace at the end of the episode.

4 Kenny: “Shut Up and Dance”

Shut Up and Dance is an episode that contains strange nods to an omniscient world Big brother episode. Kenny is the main protagonist who has been caught looking at inappropriate footage of the palace on the internet. This episode left many viewers on the edge of their seats.

Protecting his private life, Kenny is an ordinary teenager who is definitely not a tech savvy. As he struggled to fulfill the demands of his horrific hacker, he kept justifying why he was in so much trouble, repeating that he innocently looked at some of the photos. Kenny’s story is an example of how a society that uses modern technology to bring justice into their own hands may sway what society may consider moral.

3 Matt Trent: “White Christmas”

Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 4 "white christmas" Featuring Jon Hamm Cookies

“White Christmas” was very popular with viewers. It follows two unreliable narrators with dangerously dark secrets that are revealed as the show unfolds, leaving viewers asking how far away they are when it comes to using modern technology.

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Matt is a dating coach for guys who find it difficult to navigate social scenarios. He knew that this was not his day job, but an illegal hobby. Viewers perceive Matt leading a boring and traditional lifestyle at home, a clue as to why he most likely chose this personal outlet. With technology designed to improve people’s lives, access to tools can lead to their misuse and abuse of power. Matt’s knowledge of this technology becomes his ruin.

2 Niche: “The Black Museum”

“The Black Museum” is one of the most popular episodes of the series, tying a lot of previous storylines together and offering quite a few terrifying and awesome episodes. Boasting Nish’s triumphant personality, the calculating viewers who are bestowed with her actions are unforgettable.

Nish enters the ring and seems innocent when it comes to understanding the world of technology. She is curious but calculated. As the episode progresses, there is a clear distinction between good and evil, when the true nature of Rollo Heinz and Nish is revealed. Driven by love for her family, the public is rewarded with her revenge on the museum’s owner.

1 Martha: “Now come back.”

The black mirror is the right rear end

Another heartbreaking episode, “Be Right Back” challenges the way society deals with the death of a loved one. A victim of those afflictions, Martha is a woman who has just lost the love of her life.

It is easy to do succumb to temptation, and the audience sees a character defined by her temptation to bring back a lost emotional life. Martha was a victim of capitalism, pushed into using technology to recreate her lover’s shell. The technology is AI that mimics the utility of JARVIS in the MCU but lacks the ability to grow and learn. She realizes that she can never match what he was. Tormented by her loss and her decision not to move forward, Martha eventually becomes a repressed character.

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