Bulls are among the finalists of the shooter Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Galinari


Danilo Galinari

With the NBA free agency underway, the Bulls are looking to secure some shooting help on their perimeter and, if all goes well, add some forward area help along the way. One player can play on both fronts: veteran forward Danilo Galinari, who is said to have limited his options to either the Bulls or Boston after San Antonio bought him on Thursday.

Miami is also said to be in the mix with Gallinari, but according to a report from Bleacher Report, the Celtics offline“Gallow’s favorite landing spot,” although NBC Sports reported that the bulls were “in the mix.”

However, there is some question as to whether the Celtics will want to use their entire mid-level exception, which is valued at $6.4 million, on Gallinari, which could leave an opportunity for Chicago to sign him. The bulls will have more money to use and can offer Gallinari a better deal, if they so choose.

Gallinary turns 34 this summer and just turned 14The tenth NBA season. He averaged 25.3 minutes per game in 66 games, scoring 11.7 points and 4.7 rebounds. The record output was the worst since his rookie year.

Bulls desperately need shooters like Gallinari

However, for the Bull, what matters with Gallinari is not so much scoring as shooting, an area Chicago needs to tackle in the off-season. Gallinari hit 38.1% of his triples last season while playing for Atlanta and made 38.2% in his career, and last year he was actually a bit off for him, although he was still pretty accurate – during his last four seasons altogether, Gallinari He was among the strongest three-point shooters in the league, racking up 40.8% during that time.

The Bulls were a very good 3-point shooting team by percentage – they hit 36.9%, which was their fourth last season. But they took an average of 28.8 3 seconds per game, which is 30The tenth in the league. Even though star attacking DeMar DeRozan is one of the most effective mid-range weapons in the NBA, it’s clear that in today’s game, the Bulls should be more productive than the three-point streak.

In May, Bulls president Arturas Karnisovas told Molly and Howe at the 670 score in Chicago that shooting was among the team’s off-season priorities.

“Another year we play together, continuity, again,” he said. “I think we’re going to tackle a few things in free agency. We need to get bigger. We need some edge protection, we need some shooting. So we’ll look to get a little better at free agency and see what our end product looks like.”

Karnisovas has a history with Gallinari, having worked as an assistant general manager in Denver when Galinari was with the Nuggets. Gallinari was sent to Tottenham as a contract filler in the Dejounte Murray deal.

Bulls are still looking for a big man

As far as edge protection goes, the Bulls lost on one major goal when big man Mo Bamba opted to return to Orlando as a free agent on Thursday. Bamba has been a target for a number of teams outside of the Bulls, including the Lakers, Knicks and Heat.

Chicago also missed potential target Isaiah Hartenstein of the Clippers, who signed the Knicks in a surprise move. New York is still expected to hold on to Mitchell Robinson, who has long been an important Bulls player.


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