Melodia Character Guide for Disgaea 6

Disgaea 6 - Melodia collage of her using frozen steps and floral shower

up to this point in dysgeia 6The characters and chapters were dispatched thickly and quickly. The thing is, you don’t have much in terms of magic. The general chapters have the witch, but the main cast? Not a peep. This, of course, corresponds to Melodia. Melodia changed everything. Fortunately, for the better.

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Melody is a princess who has lost her love and is obsessed with getting her happy ending. It would be a sad story if you weren’t a ridiculously terrible person – as is the case with most demons. Mechanically it brings all kinds of magical abilities. It is the definition of a force multiplier.

Who is Melodia?

Melodia is the questionably designed, infinitely hated, and frustratingly depressing stalker of main protagonist Zed. Throw in illusion and danger, and you have personality. Mechanically, she is an ice-fueled Red Mage, and that makes her an excellent pick for any team.

Why do we use Melodia?

Melodia is the first magical character you meet in Disgaea 6, and that makes her a hot commodity. She has skills and abilities that you can’t get anywhere else, and these skills and abilities are awesome. She can launch devastating magic attacks, while supporting your team – often at the same time.

What weapon does Melodia use?

Misedor, like every character in Disgaea, has his own weapons. His masters are:

a weapon managed
grip B
sword c
Spear a
Arch a
Gun c
Axe c
blackjack B

Melody loves to use Bows and Spears, although her skills often push her the path of the bow. She’s also a capable Stave user, and if you want to take advantage of her not-so-unique ice magic, packing one of these would be the perfect choice.

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Melodia’s Unique Developments

Melodia has two unique processes, namely:

fluctuation Explanation
heroine mood Increased damage dealt to male allied units on the map by 20%.
marital power Increases damage by 30% when Zed is on the map

Heroine’s temperature is almost good enough to change your entire team’s makeup to accommodate them. That 20% is a nice little increase. Unfortunately, some of the best classes in the game are female – which makes this game a little more difficult to sell than you originally thought. However, it doesn’t hurt to have it, and the recipient characters will be grateful.

Conjugal strength is just a straight buff. There is no reason not to run Zed on every mission. Increasing damage by 30% is very good. The only downside is that Melody’s focus is not on damage. If Melody runs more focused on damage, she takes off thanks to this.

Melodia’s Unique Attacks

Melody’s skills either have no scaling, or they scale from ATK & HIT. Not only that, but in terms of damage, they are very weak. This makes her attack very weak if you rely on her unique skills.

However, its support capabilities are excellent. A flower shower is a direct polish to most units regardless of location, and the Passionate Approach lets you turn a strong personality into an unstoppable mixer. Both are worth eating Melodya.

Remember that Melodia also has access to ice magic in addition to her unique abilities.

Skill Rank scaling an item Domain AOE Effect
frozen steps E + attack and hit ice 0 Line Unavailable
flower shower Unavailable Unavailable no one Unlimited Unlimited All ATK up units for rotational use
emotional approach Unavailable Unavailable no one 3 Unavailable The target is able to act again
happily ever after c + attack and hit no one 0 3 x 4 Unavailable

How to use Melodia

Melodia is a straightforward character. You don’t want her to fight on the front lines, but you do want her close enough to use her magic. None of her unique attack magic is very good, so if you want damage, consider using Stave and using the generic Ice Magic which is much stronger.

But its real strength comes from support. Whether it’s her development or her skills, Melodya will enhance any team she works on – no matter where she stands. It’s an easy pick for any team and fills nearly every lap. You can even consider using Scrolls to give her access to more support (or offensive spells).

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