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latest specialty Pokemon TCG The 2021 expansion, Sword & Shield: Fustion Strike, gave us a whole new battle style to join the two before it, with Fusion Strike joining Single Strike and Rapid Strike. As you’d expect from any Pokemon expansion, there are also plenty of cool, full-art cards that are highly collectible.

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Here are the top ten cards of Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike. Use this list TCGPlayer Market prices as of June 28, 2022. This is far from the launch, prices tend to stabilize more. However, any major changes we could see to the standard format in future decks could make some cards dwarf and diminish in value.

Updated June 28, 2022 by Joe Barlock: It’s been a few months since Fusion Strike launched, so what’s the value of the cards you’ve unlocked last year now? While the prices have come down a lot, there are still some impressive big draws to be had.

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10 Mew V (Full Art) – $14.73

Since the last time this list was updated, Elesa’s Sparkle has completely fallen in value, has fallen off the list and given Mew her fourth card in the top 10.

Mew V was an essential part of the current standard format, thanks to its role in the competitive Mew VMAX platform. However, the standard Mew V is still incredibly cheap, with a price tag of $5.50. If you want to brighten up your deck, this full art version will cost you a bit more.

9 Mew VMAX – $20.04

The only card in the top ten that isn’t a rare alternate art or secret is also the face of the entire expansion. Mew VMAX’s art is quite simple, with only psychedelic swirls in the background giving no sense of scale to his VMAX’s shape, but her Cross Fusion Strike ability allows her to use any attack from any Fusion Strike Pokemon on your seat, which can be devastating.

8 Genesect V (Alternate Complete Art) – $17.33

Of course, the dancing Genesect was a card smash, and then artist Akira Komayama had to make it even better by showing her hanging with an adorable-looking Smeargle (which pops into the background of a few cards for some weird reason).

Its Fusion Strike system ability can give you a massive card draw if you play a lot of Fusion Strike Pokemon, but let’s be honest: this card is mostly great for sentiment.

7 Inteleon VMAX (The Complete Secret Alternative Art) – $15.00

With Rapid Strike Inteleon VMAX, you can use its dual artillery ability to ignore water power and place damage counters on two of your opponent’s Pokémon.

If someone has an elusive Pokemon that you can’t quite finish off, Inteleon VMAX can snipe them from a distance. The art is a little basic for a discreet, full-art alternative card, but it shows how equally cool and goof the Inteleon VMAX can be.

6 Celebi V (The Complete Alternative Art) – $16.99

It’s like Chilling Reign never left, because we’re back in the Crown Tundra in this full alternative art of Celebi V by Teeziro. This isn’t the same Celebi V we saw again in the Sword & Shield Base Set either; The Leaflet Dance attack can flood the entire board with herbal energy, while the Slash Back can keep it out of harm’s way while also dealing damage.

5 Mew V (Alternate Complete Art) – $35.99

Smeargle has appeared to join an expansion element that everyone has always loved: the card that shows a full set of Pokemon on hold. Joining the party with Smeargle, and of course Mew V, are Toxel, Toxtricity, Drakloak, and, oddly enough, Hoopa Unbound.

Why is the chaotic power of a tyrant falsifying reality chilling with Toxel? Who knows, but Mew V seems pretty happy about it.

4 Mew VMAX (Rainbow Secret) – $34.97

Third on the list is the rare rainbow theme, Mew VMAX, which is one of the rarest alternative art styles in the entire expansion. It’s the same Mew found in the base Mew VMAX, but presented in a multicolored rainbow on a clean background.

Expansive Pokemon face tends to see rainbows rarely in the top ten somewhere (Evolution Reign had the Rainbow Rayquaza VMAX, while Chilling Reign had Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX), but until then, the Mew VMAX is worth a lot more than it was Anticipating its dominance a role in the game’s current standard format.

3 Mew VMAX (The Complete Secret Alternative Art) – $64.91

The alt-art Mew VMAX is nearly twice as valuable as its natural form, and for good reason. This art by Akira Igawa is stunning, showing Mio casually terrorizing Galar by hoisting double-decker buses and taxis.

The goal of the Mew VMAX range is to run the Mew VMAX while the Genesect V is on your seat. Use the cross hit to use Genesect’s Techno Blast, then use Mew’s zero retreat cost to swap for Genesect and attack again on the next turn. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll have a very sturdy surface on your hands.

2 Gengar VMAX (The Complete Secret Alternative Art) – $90

Ginger F Max. Sowsow’s scary coloring art is awesome, having also made the awesome Espeon V card from Evolution Skies. Gengar Pokemon has always been very popular, and this person’s facial expressions alone are enough to increase its value.

1 Espeon VMAX (The Complete Secret Alternative Art) – $95.01

Finally beat Gengar for 1st place in Fusion Strike, the Espeon VMAX is here and looks great. Operating theme for the existence and presence of only VMAX Eeveelutions particle It’s a lot of fun, and seeing Espeon lying on the roof of the Galar is fun.

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