The Eagles hit back after a Giants fan said Nick Siriani had taken ‘threatening steps’

Nick Syriani


Eagles coach Nick Siriani was bringing the “dog mentality” into Philly’s locker room.

A New Jersey man got ridiculously famous for 15 minutes after telling a long story. Peter Perrotta of Maple Shade WFAN in New York was summoned to claim that Nick Siriani threatened to fight him for wearing a New York Giants hat.

The story went viral on Friday and the Philadelphia Eagles were forced to comment on its veracity via reporters. The head coach was “breaking his pieces”, according to him Rob Maadi from The Associated Press. Yes, Sirianni already told Perrotta that he had a problem with the cap on his head but that’s where the interaction ended. Siriani was joking with a fan of a rival team on a tennis court in Haddonfield, New Jersey. And he has every right to do so.

But that didn’t stop the self-proclaimed Perrotta “Award-Winning Journalist” — to keep lying going while appearing on SportsRadio 94WIP in Philly. jump with John Marks and Ike Reese To double down on the confrontation, adding that Siriani had taken “two threatening steps” towards him.

“It’s a nice, quiet day in Haddonfield Park. I’m about to serve when he goes ‘Hey, hi’ and then takes two menacing steps toward me,” Perrotta said. He said, ‘Hey, I have a problem with what you’re wearing. I said to him, “Look, brother, I’m from the Bronx.” I said if you want to come here, you can and then he said, “Okay and your coach is so bad.” And he said that three times and then I said, “Listen, that’s not his sixth grade bro. I told him that twice and then he stopped.”

interesting. Marks and Reese were laughing out loud, trying to absorb Perrotta’s imagination. Then they finally came to the truth when they asked him if he really felt threatened.

“No, I never felt threatened,” Perrotta said. “You’re wrong, though. I didn’t say I felt threatened by him [in the first place]. You put those words into the story.”

When asked again if he felt threatened, Perrotta said: “A little.”

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Siriani appreciates the NFC East competitions

Siriani has been very vocal last year about how he feels Intense divisive rivalries. He broke the “Beat Dallas” jersey before the Eagles-Cowboys game in September, then revealed what was on the “competition board” before the Eagles-Giants game in November. Everything was fun, out of mutual respect.

Siriani said of the rivalry between the Eagles and the Giants on November 27: “It’s a huge rivalry that we all enjoy being a part of. I’m honored to be a part of that rivalry. And that’s a rare thing in the NFL – I don’t want to say something rare, but it’s great that We have the competitions that we have in this department, so I’m honored to be a part of it.”

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